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By Ruthie Friedlander
Dec 26, 2016 @ 12:00 pm
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The holidays can be a very stressful time to pick out an outfit. You're in front of your entire family, or all those people from high school that haven't seen you in, like, ten years ... or, there's the terrible instance of when you are in front of the entire world. Here you are, just tryin' to go to church on Christmas Day and BOOM! There are the paparazzi waiting for you, your parents, and your older brother.

We assume Princess Charlotte thought about this scenario in advance. Some questions she might have asked herself:

1. What is chic without saying "look and me, look at me!"

2. How can I show off my outfit but still stay warm?

3. Is it possible for me to coordinate with my brother? (Other than our nanny parting our hair down the same exact side?)

4. Is there a way for me to express my individual style, but still be refined?

P.C. accomplished it all.

VIDEO: Princess Charlotte's Cutest Moments on Camera

Her coat perfectly complemented that of her brother's, but had a feminine flair and shorter sleeves, allowing the maroon cuffs of her outfit underneath to peek through. And speaking of maroon, let's talk about those tights. Because those, my friend, are what makes this outfit. P.C. didn't shy away from adding a little pop. She embraced color—and a festive color at that—finding a way to keep herself warm and stylish at the same time. And the whole thing was topped off with a pretty princess bow. That type of coordination wins.

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