18 Outfits to Wear With Your Khakis Now That They're Cool Again

Here's how to modernize this classic pants style.

Person wearing khaki cargos and a white sweater
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First, it was cardigans. Then, it was polo shirts. And now, khakis have made their way into our wardrobes once again. These beige, sometimes olive or light brown bottoms were a staple in the '90s and early '00s — celebrities were often seen wearing low-rise versions with shrunken graphic tees and chain belts (the ultimate throwback look). But, today, we're suddenly stumped. We know there's a way to make these pants feel modern, cool, and less dad-playing-golf. We just need a little inspiration before putting together our outfit.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ideas out there for what to wear with khakis, and we've since learned to treat them like our favorite pair of jeans. Crop tops, sweatshirts, and button-downs are all acceptable options, and you can even switch things up by pairing them with denim or leather.

With a few quick tricks, these classically preppy pants can turn into a full, statement-making look, and might just become the most versatile thing you own.

Keep It Consistent

person wearing khaki pants and a beige blazer
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When in doubt, stick with a scheme, styling your khakis with pieces from the same beige and brown color family. It will instantly look elevated.

Bring On the Basics

Person wearing khaki pants, pants with a sweater, loafers and belt
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Fully embrace preppy style by wearing your pants with a sweater, loafers, and a bold belt.

Add a Bit of Camo

Person wearing khaki pants and a camo jacket
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This can be in the form of a jacket, a button-down, or a T-shirt. The combination of colors always works.

Get Comfy

Person wearing khaki pants, a hoodie, and sneakers
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With the help of an oversized hoodie and a pair of sneakers, khakis will seem more casual and laid-back.

Switch Things Up With Leather

Person wearing khaki pants, a leather shirt, and pointed shoes
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

A leather jacket or button-down isn't something you'd expect to see with these basic bottoms — which is why it's the perfect choice.

Try Denim

Bella Hadid with khaki pants and cropped denim top and jacket

The contrasting colors and materials is what makes this combo especially eye-catching.

Create a Sexy Spin

Person wearing belted khaki pants and a sheer shirt
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Turn up the heat ahead of a night out by opting for a sheer top.

Pull On Some Boots

Person wearing khaki pants, a chunky white sweater, and animal-print boots
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Not only is the shoe choice great for colder days, tucking baggy pants into knee-high boots is a model-approved move.

Throw On a Vest

Person wearing khaki pants, a white shirt, and black vest
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Yes, vests are back, too. A puff-sleeved shirt underneath will make this outfit seem less stuffy.

Remember the Classics

Person wearing khaki pants, white t-shirt, black blazer, and Converses
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The good news is, khakis pair well with all of your other wardrobe staples, like white tees, blazers, and Converse sneakers, creating an easy outfit idea for days when you're in a jam.

Experiment With Different Styles

Person wearing high-waisted wide-leg khakis with an olive blazer
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Not all khakis are alike. Some are cropped, have pockets, or feature wider legs, so it's worth finding a cut that suits your specific style.

Complete With a Crop Top

Person wearing baggy khakis and a billowy crop top
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

If your pants are a higher rise, this will balance things out and keep them from feeling bulky.

Go With a Button-Down

Person wearing a short-sleeved button-down shirt with cargo khaki pants
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

It's a fool-proof choice. Both long- and short-sleeved options will help make these pants feel polished.

Try White Options

Person wearing cropped khaki pants and a white top

It's a crisp, clean color pairing that is both timeless and seasonless.

Add a Pop of Color

Person wearing wide-legged khaki pants and a red crop top
GORC/GC Images

If you really want to stand out, reach for something red, which will always make a statement when styled with beige bottoms.

Break Out the Leopard Print

Person wearing khaki pants and a leopard coat
Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images

This animal print is similar in color and will blend nicely with khakis, while also adding an element of fun.

Let Loose

Person wearing khaki pants and an orange duster coat
Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images

For summer days, a lighter pair of pants will come across as effortless when paired with a long, oversized button-down or a shirtdress.

Style With a Tank

Person wearing cropped khaki pants and a black tank top
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

When it comes to warmer weather, don't overthink — khakis and a solid-colored (or even striped) tank top is already a full easy, breezy outfit.

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