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By Samantha Sutton
Updated Oct 16, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
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Sure, weddings are technically about the two people getting married, but as guests of the happy couple, we also see it as a chance to get a little fancy ourselves. Throughout the summer, we reached for sundresses and heeled sandals for such occasions — AKA an easy, no-fail option. But now that things have cooled down a bit? We’re stumped. What the heck do we wear to a fall or winter wedding? How do we stay warm, but still look cute at the same time?

The answer, it seems, lies in a few key tricks: lot of layering, adding suits and pants to the mix, and remembering trusty cold-weather staples, such as a decent pair of tights.

Aside from an elegant, long-sleeved maxi dress, we’ve rounded up 22 wedding guest outfit ideas that will work for any type of reception, be it black tie or dressy-casual. If you don’t own the exact pieces, hopefully these looks can serve as inspiration, and you can probably create something similar from what's in your closet.

Never Underestimate the Basics

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Don't overthink it — sometimes a printed, long-sleeve dress and a pair of heels is all you need.

Focus on Those Details

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Puff sleeves and shiny earrings will help take things up a notch.

Make It Monochromatic

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Want to wear a suit? Style a turtleneck of the same color underneath to create something sleek and on-trend.

Stick With Sleeves

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And it doesn't have to be a simple shift. A blazer or tuxedo dress is another sexy, polished option.

Add a Jacket

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Any dress becomes fall-appropriate with the help of a blazer.

Try Layering

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Invest in a long-sleeve, sheer top to wear underneath all your fancy (and casual) outfits.

Think Outside the Box

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Not only is putting pants underneath your dress unexpected and cool, it's alsowarm.

Reach for a Leather Look

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If you're looking for the perfect time to break out faux leather pants, this is it.

Opt for Something Metallic

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Then balance it out by toning down your accessories and going with classic footwear.

Amp Up a Skirt

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Add a blazer of the same color in order to dress it up.

Break Out Your Boots

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They're fit for frigid temps and also bring a whole new vibe to those typical go-tos.


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Your jacket doesn't have to be neutral — a bright option adds some oomph.

Swap Stuff Out

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Rather than styling your suit with the jacket it came with, trade it in for something longer and a different color.

Go With a Jumpsuit

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It's the easiest outfit and works for nearly every event.

Try a Going-Out Top

Daniele Venturelli

Trusty black pants get a whole new life with the help of a corset or sequined top.

Pull on Some Tights

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Sheer, sweater, black, or colored, they're all out there, waiting to keep your legs nice and toasty.

Remember to Match

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Perhaps you never thought to wear a dress with matching, colored, patterned tights...but you should!

Style Around a Statement Top

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Dare yourself to go big and bold as long as the bottom half of your outfit is neutral.

Keep It Cropped

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For in-between temps, culottes can take the place of full-length pants.

Stick With Something Simple

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A pleated skirt, a velvet top, and heels. Boom — you're done.

Combine Your Staples

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Everyday pieces like a jumpsuit and blazer suddenly become dressy when styled together.

Don't Forget Flats

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Who say you have to wear heels to a wedding? Loafers — especially ones that create a contrast with the rest of your outfit — work just as well.