By Kim Duong and Lashauna Williams
Updated Feb 08, 2017 @ 4:15 pm
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Outfit of the Day - Work Meeting - Lead
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Shop the look: 1. Stella McCartney pants, $795; 2. H&M earrings, $13; 3. Daya by Zendaya top, $38; 4. Beck Jewels bracelet, $125; 5. The Row heels, $1,190; 6. Persaman New York bag, $400; 7. Skinny Dip London iPad case, $30;

Question, how are you supposed to make bank when you just feel like you stank (work-wise)? Confidence is no easy emotion to muster, but here’s how to conjure some up—at least sartorially. Let’s start with a grand silhouette: take this pair of floaty, wide-leg trousers for instance and pair it with a luxe, satin blouse for mega I’m-confident-in-what-I’m-doing vibes. Complete the look with a standout purse, elevated jewelry, and sharp heels. Now how’s that for workwear?