What It Means for Gigi Hadid to Be the Face of the Most American Brand

Gigi Hadid
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I've never been to Venice Beach before, but if I had to sum it up in one word it would be: eclectic.

On one block you see a shop filled with customizable bikinis, and the next you're walking into the most amazing vintage tee-shirt shop you've ever seen.

And if you found yourself in Venice on February 8th, you'd also run into a gigantic party, Tommyland, a Tommy Hilfiger carnival constructed around a makeshift runway for the designer's second collection with Gigi Hadid.

Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid 
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We caught up with Hadid moments before the show. The scene: Hadid in a navy, red, and white cropped tank and matching stripe cashmere leggings. Tommy, in a seat next to her, looks on adoringly.

Gigi, how do you wear your look out of the house if you aren't a model?

Gigi Hadid: So this is Tommy Hilfiger collection, so I think the designer would be best to answer that question, but I just think its cool to mix sportswear. This outfit could also be dressed up if you put a red pump with it. But I like to dress comfy with boots and a sweater.

Tommy Hilfiger: [Gigi] could get away with wearing anything she wants. So if she puts a red pump with it she could actually get away with it. Maybe somebody else couldn’t. Someone else could wear trainers or some sort of sneakers. You could wear it on a plane. You could wear it anywhere, really.

VIDEO: See Gigi Hadid Model All the Looks from the New Tommy x Gigi Collection

GH: Maybe you could put [the crop top] over a button-up shirt, and make it like a layered thing.

TH: Totally

Tommy Hilfiger is the epitome of an American fashion brand. Being the daughter of two immigrants--your mother being Dutch-American and your father born in Israel--how does it feel being the face of such an American brand?

GH: Tommy celebrates so many different kinds of people and what we know of as the melting pot of America. We share Tommy’s styles all over the world and people love it. I think that that’s very much like my family and our melting pot. That's why it just makes sense for me and Tommy to be close.

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