Weekend Shopping Roundup

From an Extremely Rare Bag Restock to North Face's 1996 Nupste on Sale, These Are the Best Things to Shop This Weekend

Plus, essential Lunar New Year shopping you’d hate to miss.
By Laura Reilly
Feb 12, 2021 @ 4:18 pm
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Having just suffered through 2020's special-edition sprint between Thanksgiving and New Year's we call "the Holidays" (see also: The Holiday, equally cringey film that posits a universe in which Jack Black cuffs throw-it-into-the-damn-ocean Kate Winslet), it's a little jarring to realize that holidays are upon us again.

With Lunar New Year falling today, Valentine's Day on Sunday, and Presidents Day coming Monday, I have to wonder if we, as a culture, are prepared for The Holiday 2? I'm not so sure a person can muster that much suspension of disbelief. It might be trite, but the trick to actually enjoying them ultimately falls on the little things.

A rice cake eaten during a pandemic year is just as sticky, and saccharine Valentine's Day tokens are as much fun to love to hate. Presidents Day, well, at least we can finally catch up on the Framing Britney Spears discourse without using PTO.

Below, I've gathered an even greater number than usual of new, trending, and on-sale goods to help get you through this occasion-dense long weekend. They're little things, sure, but they're at least more enjoyable than suffering through a certain Nancy Meyers experiment, and at best, they're a celebration unto themselves.

Lunar New Year

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Chinese and Chinese-American women designers and entrepreneurs are behind so many of our favorite brands, and what better excuse to support (i.e. buy ourselves a lil' sum'n) than Lunar New Year?

A few of my faves include YanYan, a knitwear label that uses leftover yarn to make cozy, painfully adorable pieces, available at Nordstrom; JW Pei, the brand behind the convincingly expensive-looking bags that are miraculously under $40; SVNR, a fashion week editor go-to and the label making silky slips and iconic market bag collabs; Notte Jewelry, which makes accessories with joie de vivre; and Supernal, the tightly curated skincare line behind theeee best face oil my skin has ever drank - it's currently running a free-gift-with-purchase Lunar New Year promo.

What's New

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Angelina Jolie-approved leather bag brand Senreve finally restocked its hot Alunna bag after it sold out immediately and swiftly racked up a 2,000-person waitlist - casual! All colors and sizes are back, but likely not for long. A similarly impossible-to-keep-in-stock bag, Oprah and Bushwick's common denominator, Telfar, has just received the Super Bowl treatment. The iconic Shopping Bag was featured in a Klarna ad last weekend, so if it was already difficult to buy, it just became a little more rare (only we just just found it on Amazon, so there's that).

Also certain to sell quickly is Eckhaus Latta's Spring/Summer '21 collection, which touched down this week at Nordstrom and beyond. Longtime fans Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Rosalia, and Christina Aguilera are on our short list of inevitable celebrity sightings.

Didn't act fast enough and now everything is sold out? There's always drinking our sorrows away. Naomi Watts-backed Solento tequila is new to shelves everywhere, and it pairs well with online shopping (and limes), while Haus' Sampler Kit is finally available again after shoppers discovered that flavorful aperitifs were exactly what was missing from the liquor cabinet.

What's Trending

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Fashion resale site StockX's latest report is putting numbers to the trends we've been watching rise. Most notably, The Nike Air Max sneaker market share is up 800 percent compared to just four years ago. Don't know where to start? This Amazon shopping hub breaks out all the best styles.

Also kind of predictably, Shopify's Shopping Index notes that searches for mascara have jumped 80 percent since last month as we all get ready for a masked V-Day - maybe now's the time to see what almost 50,000 reviewers meant when they gave this Maybelline one a perfect rating.

Meanwhile, celebrities continue to influence! (What would we do without them?) Chrissy Teigen wore confusing jeans, and now Lyst is reporting that this extremely close, much less expensive lookalike is the top-searched pair of the week. Kendall Jenner has worn DMY by DMY sunglasses for months, and suddenly Madison Beer is wearing the brand, too. And who knows what else she's been up to, but Grimes wore hot pink tights! A welcome break from coordinating space travel, we're sure.

What's on Sale

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The North Face's 1996 Nupste puffer has officially held rank as the top product from the top brand worn by the most A-list celebs for months. So can someone please explain to me why we just found it on sale? Prez Day sales throw curveballs, we'll give them that, and we certainly won't send this particular deal back. The coat brand hanging in Jennifer Aniston's closet marked its Nuptse vest down to $125 for the weekend. Similarly (and somehow even cheaper), the Mango quilted coat that Katie Holmes literally just wore is under $100 right now. 

A couple other sales not centered around jackets we're welcoming into our hearts this Presidents Day weekend include Nordstrom Rack's Clear the Rack event (we take that as a challenge), featuring Balmain bags for nearly $1,000 off, and Nordstrom's Winter Sale that snuck a few hundreds bucks off these Cecilie Bahnsen sneakers.