From Nordstrom’s New Anti-Aging Mecca to Valentino Jewelry for $21, These Are the Best Things to Buy This Weekend

Take it from a shopping editor.
By Laura Reilly
Aug 07, 2020 @ 4:14 pm
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When you shop for a living like I do, you become acutely aware of the infinite comings and goings of the marketplace. There’s never not a sale, launch, or viral moment happening. Every week, my inbox is flooded with announcements from brands and stores sharing their latest, meanwhile, I’m never not doing my own research — ahem, scrolling endless clearance pages — to find the crème de la bargain-priced crème.

It would be an impossible task to report on every shoppable moment that comes my way, but the fact is, there are always a few exceptional highlights too good not to share. From the just-hit-shelves releases that you’re about to start seeing everywhere to the monumental discounts that are almost gone, these are the absolute, without-a-doubt best things to shop this weekend.

What’s New

  • Supernal Cosmic Glow Oil
  • Haoma Earth Soothing CBD Eye Cream
  • Topicals Like Butter Eczema Hydrating Mask
  • Freck Cheekslime Cheek & Lip Tint
  • PH5 x Carbon38 Lyndon Sustainably-Sourced Rib Crop Top

Nordstrom just added so many of our favorite emerging anti-aging brands to its inventory thanks to its Pop-In: Beauty event that launched today. From my number one go-to facial oil that I’ve gushed about so often to the eye cream that feels like a religious experience, the collection reads like a greatest hits page (or a skincare time machine, your pick).

Also not to be missed from the pop-up is the solution-driven skincare brand Topicals, backed by the youngest Black woman to raise over $2 million in VC investments, and an all-over face tint from the brand that made fake freckles cool.

Another batch of faves just made its way to a retailer we love: PH5, the New York cool-girl brand that insiders scramble to see during Fashion Week, launched a collection with Carbon38 that’s part fall classics, part activewear and makes more sense than most things in our closet these days.

What’s Trending

  • Frankie Shop Eva Cotton-Jersey Tank
  • Evolvetogether Milan Mask
  • Missoma Gold Ridge Padlock Locket Pendant
  • Missoma Gold Ridge Padlock Chain Necklace
  • Isa Boulder Bra Detail Mesh Sweater

Not missing a beat, Hilary Duff stepped out wearing what global fashion search platform Lyst has flagged as one of the season’s hottest pieces. The Frankie Shop Eva Cotton-Jersey Tank was found to be the seventh most-searched women’s item of summer 2020, and Duff wore the hell out of it on Instagram.

Other celebs, meanwhile, coordinated their masks to a tee — within 48 hours of one another, Emily Ratajkowski, Vanessa Hudgens, Ariana Grande, and Kaia Gerber were all seen wearing the Evolvetogether Milan Mask. Now, naturally, we need one too.

UK-based celeb-loved jewelry line Missoma let slip that its sphere pendant jumped 512 percent in sales in just one month before selling out altogether. Instead of making us constantly refresh the product page to see if it’s back in stock, the brand blessed us with an even chicer option: a padlock pendant that you can shop on its own or with a chain.

Similarly, emerging brand Isa Boulder recently launched on Nordstrom, only to sell out completely by the time the designer woke up from a nap. Select pieces are back in stock but already selling out again, the team’s PR has warned.

What’s on Sale

  • Proenza Schouler Oversize Stretch Wool Scarf Blazer
    ( $1890 save 70%)
  • Marine Serre Salamander Print Long Sleeve Hybrid High/Low Dress
    ( $1390 save 70%)
  • Valentino 'Whatever' Ring Set
    ( $745 save 77%)
  • Burberry Wreningham Caplet
    ( $1295 save 86%)
  • Helmut Lang + Jeremy Deller French Cotton-Terry Hoodie
    ( $295 save 70%)
  • Lisa Marie Fernandez Kate Lamé Maxi Slip Dress
    ( $666 save 70%)
  • De La Vali Even Cowgirls Striped Text Trousers
    ( $412 save 70%)
  • Miaou Grey Leopard Lex Jacket
    ( $295 save 77%)

Sometimes we buy a thing right away, sometimes we keep our eye on it until the time is right to pounce. This eight-piece Valentino ring set, for instance, is cute as hell but at its original price of $745, we’d rather meditate on it. Today, the set is down to under $200 — that’s just $21 per ring, which is an insane deal for Valentino, by any standard.

We also let out a little “ooh” upon seeing a Burberry capelet marked down by over $1,000, especially now that fall is on the horizon. Ditto this Proenza Schouler blazer that’s basically plucked straight from the front row fashion show uniform.

The part of us that’s not ready to say goodbye to summer is stocking up on dresses, like this one from Lisa Marie Fernandez, a swimsuit designer whose ready-to-wear pieces are infused with poolside sensuality, and a stunner from Marine Serre — the designer Béyonce and Adele just made the hottest name of the year — miraculously 70 percent off at Nordstrom.

Our everyday wardrobes are getting a huge boost for way less, in the form of printed denim from Instagram dream-girl brand Miaou’s highly photographed jacket (only $68!) and De La Vali’s literal statement jeans. We’d happily pair either with this cheaper-than-it-should-be Helmut Lang hoodie in the season’s top fabric: terry.