I always wear it to work out.

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Walmart: This $20 Workout Essential Completes All My Gym Class Outfits
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On a 22-degree day that felt like a 14-degree day, my boyfriend walked out of the house in a hoodie. Just a hoodie. No coat. No scarf. No gloves, no thermal, no layers. No dignity or self awareness either, apparently. And then he blamed it on me. But what he failed to mention is that I told him he should wear a hoodie — not just a hoodie. You’d think when it’s evidently freezing he’d realize he needed a winter coat, but he didn’t. While I’ll never understand his ability to be both freezing and oblivious, I do understand how much he worships and trusts his favorite hoodie. So there’s that.

If puffer jackets are like duvets you can wear outside, I’d like to think a hoodie is the thin bed sheet you always forget is there. You wear them year-round but need a little extra something on top come winter. They’re easy to throw on over your torso, and minutes later you forget they’re there. Innocuous and cozy, hoodies are hygge in clothing form. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them on their own during a polar vortex, but I would recommend wearing them with everything else. Especially leggings.

A hoodie with leggings is the ideal workout outfit because it’s what you want to wear when you don’t want to wear anything. It’s also easy to put together whether you’re rushing to a boxing class after work or waking up at the crack of dawn to do pilates. And it’s one of the easiest celebrity looks to emulate. Literally, all of them have a go-to hoodie-with-leggings look.

Walmart: This $20 Workout Essential Completes All My Gym Class Outfits
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Walmart: This $20 Workout Essential Completes All My Gym Class Outfits
Credit: Laurent Groult/Getty

But of course it’s almost unfair how good Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, and Kaia Gerber look when they’re not even trying. To nail the celeb I-just-got-off-the-reformer look, you don’t need leggings that look like leather pants or ones that are endorsed by Oprah, but a hoodie that goes with everything. Something that makes it seem like you just rolled out of bed without actually looking disheveled. You can throw on a denim jacket to look cool like Gerber or a coffee cup to look caffeinated like Jennifer Garner.

Unlike my boyfriend though, I’ve never had a hoodie I loved enough to just throw on and run out the door in. And because I’d rather use my money to invest in an expensive bag that looks like a pillow or a pearl necklace that’ll make me feel like Harry Styles, I’ve never really shopped around for one either. Thankfully I stumbled on the perfect tie-back hoodie on sale for just $13 last month and it’s transformed all of my gym outfits. No, it doesn’t shield me against the bitter cold but it does make me feel a little bit like Reese Witherspoon. So there’s that.

Avia Women's Athleisure Tie Back Hoodie

Avia Women's Athleisure Tie Back Hoodie
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