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Vivienne Westwood has some unique advice for shoppers this season. Although it might seem like a bold statement, her guidance is on-brand for fashion's queen of punk and longtime environmental activist. The designer dropped her bombshell remark at Zalando's Bread & Butter preview in Berlin, shocking the audience with her words: "Don't buy anything." The sentiment comes from her longtime mantra, "Buy less, choose better and make it last," but evolved into a call to arms for those who appreciate the true art and craftsmanship of style (plus a deep commitment to sustainability). "If you want to be bold, you have to make a choice," Westwood declared to a surprised audience.

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"And at least 50 percent of the people in the world have never made a choice or decision in their lives. They just follow their desire, and consume: opinions, McDonald's, whatever." Although they may sound extreme, her words speak to the fast fashion economy, driven by shoppers who take home a revolving door of trendy one-season items that they'll throw out a few months later.

"Buying less and choosing quality means that designers can make better fashion, not just lead by marketing and commercial interests," Westwood explained. "Fashion is part of culture, but not at the moment." Would you take her advice? Either way, Dame Vivienne Westwood has spoken.