How to Get Wardrobe Advice From Nicole Kidman's Stylist

She's offering up her exclusive services to people in quarantine who need a wardrobe refresh. You want in?

Julia von Boehm Styling Lessons
Photo: Valine Brana

As a red carpet stylist with over two decades worth of experience, InStyle’s fashion director Julia von Boehm has dressed everyone from Nicole Kidman to Salma Hayek Pinault. Now, thanks to her “Donate With Style” initiative, a special project to raise money for Covid-19 relief organizations, she’s hoping to add you to the list.

“I’ve been thinking about a way to help more people style themselves for over a year now,” says von Boehm, who is partnering with InStyle to gift readers a one-time remote styling consultation when they contribute $150 or $300 (for 30- or 60-minute time slots, respectively) to their choice of three select charities providing aid during the pandemic. “I think other styling apps aren’t personal enough and push unnecessary merchandise on the customer; I rather show them how to refresh and restyle their wardrobes,” von Boehm says of her styling MO. Sign-ups are available to anyone over 18 who makes a donation and books a spot on through May 4. All sessions must completed by May 11.

What to expect once you're scheduled? “I want to show people how to make every item in their closet multitask, and open their mind to new creations,” explains von Boehm. That means you’re sure to leave with fresh ways to wear your favorite pieces (so pull them out ahead of time!) and get the tough-love push you need to let go of that impulse-purchased top that just doesn’t fit right.

“Of course, it’s different from person to person,” says von Boehm, whose clients over the last few weeks have ranged from a kindergarten teacher to a yoga-buff retiree. “Applying my skills of the last 20 years to all different types of people is a nice challenge,” she says. Could you be next?

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