Is this the next Orolay coat?
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Credit: lindsay.burd/Instagram

I first saw the suit on Instagram, courtesy of a friend’s enviable February beach trip somewhere chic and seasonless. A casual “Where’s the one-piece from tho?” in her DMs led me, not to Net-a-Porter or Revolve like I had expected, but to an Amazon landing page featuring her exact swimsuit in 15 colors.

The Dixperfect brand bathing suit looked just as good on the product page as it had on my feed. Its high-cut leg, scooped back, and slightly cheeky fit gave off a ‘90s Baywatch vibe that felt classic and subtly sexy, without being as brash as a bikini or overly precious (like some over-compensating one-pieces). It looked like something a Friends-era Courtney Cox would wear.

As I scrolled through every one of the colors and patterns — including army green, leopard and, yes, Baywatch red — I noticed the maillot I was quickly becoming obsessed with already had over 1,000 five-star reviews.

Any doubts I had about pulling off this low-key sexy swimsuit were immediately put to rest when I saw women with so many different body types raving about how flattering this piece was on them. And it wasn’t just written reviews — hundreds of buyers have confidently posted selfies while straight-up gushing about how good they feel wearing the swimsuit.

“I love this swimsuit! It's perfect. I haven't been feeling particularly toned lately, but this thing makes me feel SO good about myself.” Says one reviewer. “It accentuates all the right parts. I love it, my boyfriend loves it, pretty sure my dog loves it. Buy this thang.”

The reviews section for this suit has blossomed into something of a community for superfans of the universally flattering Dixperfect, with hundreds of women sharing sizing advice, one-upping each other comparing how many different colors they own, and encouraging potential buyers to take the plunge. I’ve read so many of these praises I’m actually convinced a bathing suit can change my life.

The product description, too, is hilarious in the way all of the best underrated Amazon items are. (See: “Whether you’re looking to elongate your fabulous Torso or making a fashionable statement, this seductive style is all you need to add some serious bite to your look!”) It’s so corny and grammatically questionable, it makes me feel like this perfect suit was an extremely fortunate mistake.

The most surprising thing for a swimsuit with over a thousand perfect reviews is how affordable it is. The cut reminds me of those Solid & Striped one-pieces we saw everywhere last summer, except it doesn’t cost anywhere near $200. This viral Amazon swimsuit is just $19 to $25, depending on the color and size selected.

We’ve experienced The Amazon Coat, a flyaway trend that taught us that a legitimate Amazon fashion phenomenon is actually possible. But now, completely by accident, it looks like we might have just discovered the next viral anomaly: The Amazon Swimsuit.

Credit: Amazon

To buy: $19–25;