When to Buy and When to Borrow, According to a Top Stylist

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“Borrowing clothing and accessories is the perfect opportunity to really experiment with your style and bring some necessary sustainability into fashion. It’s the time to act as you normally would not. A sparkly shoe, a crazy expensive clutch, a bold color or a super sexy gown ... These are the items for me to borrow,” Sofia Karvela tells InStyle.com.

Sofia Karvela is a superstar stylist (no, that’s not her official title) who has worked with some of our favorite brands including Acne and Morgan Lane, and she's the Fashion Director of VillageLuxe, a site that I personally love to use to experiment with styles I am not yet sure I want to invest in financially.

Here’s how it works:

First, you browse a very chicly curated selection of designer clothes. Then, you request a rental. And GUESS WHAT ELSE? You can receive it on the same damn day. What a dream. Sounds too easy? It is.

Here, we ask Karvela to let us in on a few do’s and don’t’s of borrowing clothing and accessories on the Internet. Trust us, it’s a lot less creepy than it sounds.

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What should I borrow from VillageLuxe for my holiday vacation?

What should I borrow from VillageLuxe for my holiday vacation?

A sparkly mule, like this Charlotte Olympia shoe, because who knows what that attracts for one night only? It’s a perfect chance to not play it safe. Also, an asymmetrical dress with a floral print: edgy enough and feminine enough to get me out and keep me in my comfort zone. And of course, anything Valentino! Because honestly, if I have to spend the kind of money I do for my kids' school tuition, damn it, I deserve to wear Valentino!

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What are your favorite things on the site right now?

What are your favorite things on the site right now?

Dolce & Gabanna Green Sequin Dress, $650 to borrow; Gucci Galassia Marmont Gold Metallic GG Fringe Loafer, $95 to borrow; Vintage Oscar de la Renta dress, $125 to borrow; Charlotte Olympia "Girls" Bag, $68 to borrow; Tom Ford for Gucci Croco Cigarette Clutch, $200 to borrow.

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What’s one thing you love lending to friends?

What’s one thing you love lending to friends?

Handbags!! I have a bag obsession. When I buy an amazing bag I know it will probably rent really well. Problem is I get stuck on wearing one and forget about all the rest so it’s nice to see them on someone that rocks them out and about.

Borrow this YSL Vintage Bag (1) or Classic Chanel Handbag (2).

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