Anna Chlumsky Maternity - Lead 2016
Credit: Kyleen James

Veep star Anna Chlumsky is awaiting a very special delivery this summer: the birth of her second child with husband Shaun So in August.

The actress's red carpet maternity looks have been on point over the past several months (thanks to figure-flattering pieces from some of her favorite designers, including Christian Siriano (which she's sporting in the above shot). But Chlumsky says her approach to style is all about practicality this time around.

"During my first pregnancy, I was into everything being skin tight and showing off the belly," she explains. "I still love how that looks, but I grew faster this time than I did last time, so I've been avoiding anything that has the potential to itch, pull, or feel uncomfortable. I'd describe my style a little more robe-y."

When it comes to shopping for pieces that complement her baby bump, Chlumsky's approach is smart and savvy. "I haven't really gone into the maternity shopping world too much because you aren't going to wear this type of clothing for very long, so it's not worth spending a ton of money on," she tells InStyle. "Other than pieces that I'm borrowing to wear to events, my plan is always to go into the cheapest place I can find and raid the store."

Chlumsky notes that she shopped at H&M for basics during both of her pregnancies. "I live in leggings when I'm pregnant," she says. "This year, while I was filming in L.A., I went into a store that had all these promotional signs saying, 'Everything is $9.99!' Because I knew that I needed a bunch of stuff for a limited amount of time, I thought, 'This is where I'm going.' I ended up getting a lot of great pieces."

That's a shopping strategy that we can get on board with!