By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Nov 02, 2017 @ 9:00 am
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Confession: I haven’t worn a real bra in years. Around my freshman year in college, I retired anything in my intimates drawer that had underwire, padding, or structured cups, and trust me I would have burned them if my apartment at the time had a fireplace. I was frustrated. I was done.

A salesperson once told me I was a 36 AA, which means finding a bra that fit both my cup size but also had a band size that settled comfortably around my bust was seriously difficult. Not only that, but my boobs aren't nearly big enough where the underwire of a traditional bra even has a purpose to support anything, so it ends up just protruding out and becomes visible under your standard tee.

Truth is, I didn’t need the support, but the solution wasn’t just ditching bras completely because I still needed the tiniest bit of coverage. I also couldn’t wear sports bras under every article of clothing because I’m personally obsessive about visible underwear lines, and that includes bra straps. My answer? Bralettes—and Urban Outfitters introduced me to the lacy, thin, and ultra-comfortable bralette that totally changed my perspective on undergarments and honestly made wearing them for at least 12 hours no longer a form of torture.


The first one I discovered was black lace, very minimally lined, and had adjustable straps. It was low-cut enough where it didn't peak through when I wore V-necks, and the lace laid flat under thin fabrics. I picked up a size medium, and it fit perfectly around my bust without squeezing or digging into my skin—a legitimate bra problem.

After realizing I probably needed more than one bra in my drawer, plus the fact that my favorite and first bralette disappeared from the shelves, I expanded my bralette tastes in Urban Outfitters, stocking up on their Out From Under Lace Triangle Bralettes in various colors ($20; and the Out From Under Lace Halter Bras ($20; They're pretty, comfortable, available in a bevy of colors, and even work under temperamental tailored white shirts.

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Urban Outfitters expands their bralette collection seemingly every day, and there's something to fit under every top and for every style—brightly colored bandeaus, pullover or hook and eye triangle bras, Calvin Klein sports bras ($28;, and the list goes on. Since my Urban Outfitters "aha!" moment, I've expanded my taste in bralette retailers. Aerie as an A+ offering, and if I want to splurge, I'll pick up a sexy and delicate Cosabella option.

I haven't owned anything but bralettes in years, and I don't see myself turning back anytime soon. So if you have any info on the next 5 for $25 deal, let a girl know. I'll be the first one digging through the bin.