I Am Dumbfounded by How Many Compliments I Get Every Time I Wear This Breezy Linen Dress

And it’s the most comfortable thing I own.

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I Am Dumbfounded by How Many Compliments I Get Every Time I Wear This Breezy Linen Dress
Photo: Universal Standard/InStyle

This is the first summer since COVID-19 began where I am leaving the house with any regularity. It's wonderful to have the freedom back that I once took for granted, but it's also made me realize that I have forgotten how to sartorially get through this hot and sticky season. I have come to rely on a few key pieces of linen clothing that are as breathable and light as they are comfortable.

Comfort doesn't always translate to looking chic, but Universal Standard found a way to marry the two with their Tulip Hem Linen Wrap Dress, available in four colors and sizes 00 to 40.

It doesn't look like much on the hanger. After all, linen is a rather limp, soft fabric and the black shade I chose ensured it had no dimension among the other dark clothes in my closet. I decided to wear it on a 90-degree day when every other outfit in my closet, even just a cotton T-shirt and skirt, struck me as too burdensome and heavy.


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I put it on,wrapped the belt around my waist two and a half times, and boom, I was off enjoying a day in extreme comfort. Every detail of this dress adds to its flattering fit: the neckline isn't too revealing, the belt adds shape and accentuates my waist, and the length strikes the Goldilocks ideal — it's not long enough to feel weighed down, but not short enough to cause endless fidgeting.

As happy as I was with the light breeziness of this dress, things got better once I met up with friends. The first thing one said to me was, "Oh my god, what is this dress?! How do you look this chic in this humidity?" Hyperbolic compliments are what friends are for, so although I was pleased, I took it with a grain of salt.

Throughout the day, however, I received four additional compliments from complete strangers, each kindly noting how beautiful and elegant I looked in this flattering dress. "It's linen," I revealed to each complimenter, sending my fans' glee over the edge.

I have worn the Tulip Hem Wrap Dress several times since, and each, it's garnered me a handful of compliments. Not only is it the most comfortable outfit in my closet, but it's now my foolproof go-to for days when I could use a confidence boost.

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