I'm a 38DD Cup and Struggled to Find Swimsuits for Years — but These 3 Supportive Options Changed That

I’ll be wearing these all summer.

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I’m a 38DDD Cup and Struggled to Find Swimsuits for Years — but These 3 Supportive Options Changed That
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I've said it before but it bears repeating, the shopping landscape for big-chested women is heinous and thoughtless. As a 38DD, the first things I take into consideration for practically all clothing — including dresses, bras, swimsuits, T-shirts, etc. — are if it seems like it was designed with me in mind and if it'll even fit my chest, regardless of the rest of my body.

Swimsuits, like bras, are one of the most difficult spaces to navigate, which is confusing since the occasions I'd wear one are when I literally need the most support. As much as I'd like to wear a flimsy triangle bikini, my cup would not simply runneth over; it would swallow the fabric hole. Through extensive trial and error, I have found three swimsuits that provide the support I need, while still being chic.

I used to be vehemently opposed to spending over $50 on a swimsuit top or over $75 on a one-piece — swimsuits are by nature less fabric than clothing, so it perplexed me that the prices could be just as high — if not higher — than everyday clothes. But! In my effort to avoid splurging on high-quality swimsuits, I realized I was, in fact, spending more money on an endless rotation of products that barely lasted a single summer. The three suits below are supportive thanks to underwire and well-constructed, thereby are worth the investment.

We Wore What Danielle 3.0 One-Piece Swimsuit

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Shop now: $90 (Originally $195); nordstromrack.com

I am so obsessed with this swimsuit, I own it in three prints (and should you check in this summer, I will likely have a fourth). The first one I bought was done sort of mindlessly. I had a trip to Mexico coming up, I wanted a one-piece suit with underwire, and the sale price was right. I ended up wearing the suit almost exclusively my entire vacation, and every time I wear it I get compliments. Variations of this swimsuit also always seem to be at Nordstrom Rack, so I, in fact, have not paid the full $195 price even once. I will also note that the We Wore What Underwire One-Piece Swimsuit is a nearly identical cut and fit and is $98 full-price but now $45 at Nordstrom Rack.

Solid & Striped the Veronica

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Shop now: $158; solidandstriped.com

If I had an endless supply of money, I would own anything and everything Solid & Striped has ever created. I am obsessed with the retro cuts, high-fashion details, and minimalist fabrics used for its swimsuits. The Veronica has become a particular staple during hot summer days. Even when there isn't a pool in sight, I wear this moisture-appropriate swimsuit as a bodysuit with a pair of shorts. My only issue with Solid & Striped is that their sizing is limited; most swimsuits only go up to XL and very few styles go up to 2XL.

Cuup the Scoop

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Shop now: $98; shopcuup.com

Cuup is the most accessible of these options when it comes to size inclusivity. The brand is known for its supportive and well-fitting bras, but expanded into swimwear last spring. Shoppers can go through a virtual fitting before choosing their perfect fit from the 53 size options. The We Wore What and Solid & Striped suits are supportive, but the Cuup suits are next-level: I forget I'm not wearing an actual bra.

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