9 Types of Underwear to Add to Your Drawer

From bikini briefs to thongs, these are the styles that are worth investing in.

The 9 Types of Underwear To Add To Your Drawer
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Every piece of clothing you own is a reflection of your personal style. From your favorite denim jacket to the sweats you live in while chilling at home, we tend to invest in items that align with our preferences.

At the same time, however, there are universal staples you'll find across every wardrobe, like tank tops, T-shirts, and, of course, undergarments. There are different types of underwear for every occasion and mood, and according to celebrity fashion stylists and creative directors of Kit Undergarments, Jamie Mizrahi and Simone Harouche, everyone should have at least one pair of these core delicates.

With the help of these pros, we've broken down the nine different types of underwear to have in your intimates drawer. From briefs you can wear everyday to seamless thongs that'll come in handy for formal events, here's what to invest in.

Seamless Briefs

It's just like the classic pair you likely wore as a kid, just without the cartoonish patterns and chunky panty lines (thank goodness). This is the type of underwear you reach for in the morning and shamelessly buy in every color, since it's extremely comfortable and provides full coverage.

Bikini Briefs

The bikini brief is one pair Mizrahi and Harouche recommend all their clients wear. While it's just as comfortable and versatile as regular briefs, this style sits a bit lower, and is your best bet for an everyday pair that'll work with almost any outfit.

High-Waisted Brief

We know what you're thinking, but no, these are not granny panties. Still, high-waisted briefs are designed for anyone looking for a "more is more" approach to their undies, Mizrahi and Harouche tell InStyle. They created a stretchy seamless pair for The Kit (Shop it: $38; kitundergarments.com), which includes laser cut edges and a little extra coverage around the waist. While the fabric is soft and stretchy, the design will hold you in, ensuring your clothes look smooth and everything stays put.

High-Waisted Boy Briefs

Traditional boy shorts are a little saggy (although, they're still great as pajamas), but high-waisted boy briefs are the perfect form-fitting, full-coverage alternative. The high waistband has the ability to accentuate your shape, and while they look great with jeans and dresses, this retro style is perfect for lounging as well.

Tap Shorts

With a pair of tap shorts on your side, you'll never shy away from reaching for that short skirt or dress again. Also known as "dance shorts," these undies are essentially high-waisted biker shorts: they're tight, lightweight, and offer plenty of coverage. Plus, they can double as pajama bottoms.

The 9 Types of Underwear To Add To Your Drawer
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Classic Thong

Feeling cheeky? Thongs bare all on the booty front, but that's the appeal. Some thongs are seamless, while others aren't — it all depends on the material they're made from. Like the classic brief, this type of underwear is great for everyday wear and times when you just want to feel sexy.

Adhesive Thong

Think of adhesive thongs as pasties for, well, a different area, Mizrahi and Harouche tell us. Made for dresses and skirts that, unfortunately, show any and all panty lines, this type of underwear is void of straps and strings, adheres to your skin, and covers only what it's supposed to. Fortunately, unlike traditional pasties that are one-and-done, the Kit's pair of barely-there underwear (Shop it: $28; kitundergarments.com) is washing machine friendly and 100% reusable.

Seamless Thong

Seamless thongs are the avid gym-goer's dream because they don't show through leggings and are 100% squat-proof. But even if training isn't your thing, this type of underwear will be. Not only is it seamless, it offers just the right amount of coverage, so you can wear a pair with just about everything, from denim to dress pants, evening gowns, and everything in between.

High-Waisted Thong

Who says shapers can't be sexy? Thong shapewear is a sort of hybrid that features high cut sides and minimal coverage in the butt area. At the same time, this type of underwear provides support up top, working to better define your shape and creating a smoother look.

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