5 TikTok Fashion Trends to Try, ASAP

We spoke to CeCe Vu, the platform's Beauty & Fashion Partnerships Lead, to find out which challenges, hashtags, and sounds are worth trying now.

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You've likely heard the joke before, but after a long day of staring at our medium-sized screens (work computers), our favorite way to unwind is by switching to a smaller screen (our phone) and scrolling through social media. More often than not, we end up spending hours (like, hours) looking at TikTok, laughing our way through funny videos, discovering helpful hacks, and, of course, learning about all-things fashion, such as whether or not it's still cool to wear skinny jeans.

However, the platform is huge, and even after following fashion influencers and making our way to "FashionTok," it can be easy to miss out on trending challenges, sounds, and hashtags. In order to truly keep up, we reached out to someone who was well-versed in that world, CeCe Vu, who works as TikTok's Beauty & Fashion Partnerships Lead.

Vu was happy her tips for how and what to post to the platform, as well as which fashion trends to try out on our downtime. But, if you are feeling inspired, you'll have to act quick — new, must-try trends emerge every day!

Vu's Top 3 Tips For Posting to TikTok

  1. "I always encourage creators to flaunt their unique style and put their own twist on a trend. You should never be afraid to make it your own!"
  2. "Authenticity is everything on TikTok, so don't worry about making a 'perfect' video. The TikTok community is really interested in those behind-the-scenes moments, so I also tell creators to share the thought process and creative ideation that went into the video."
  3. "Creators should also leverage our product features and connect with the broader community via Stitch, Duet and Respond-to-Comment-with-Video features."
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Front Row Challenge

"Scoring a front-row seat to the top designer runway shows of the season is nearly impossible unless you're Carrie Bradshaw, so fashion creators have taken to TikTok to recreate looks inspired by their favorite shows," Vu tells us. "Set to Britney Spears's "Gimme More," this trend is all about matching your look and pose with the designer's aesthetic, so take a look at the front row of their previous shows for inspiration."

#Upcycling or #SustainableFashion

At InStyle, we're big fans of thinking sustainably and revamping what you already own, and plenty of TikTok users are on the same page.

"Responsible and sustainable fashion is finally on the rise," says Vu. "In 2021, we expect to see these trends continue to bubble up, and it's exciting to see creators bringing new life to pre-loved items. Interested in tips for incorporating responsible fashion into your lifestyle? Checkout the #Upcycling and #SustainableFashion hashtags on TikTok for inspo."

Buss It Challenge

"People love watching and sharing videos that exude confidence across the platform," Vu reveals. "Set to the popular track 'Buss it' by Erica Bank, this simple and fun trend started by creator @zazatopia aims to show off everyone at their best. If you want to create your own 'Buss it' moment, remember that the final shot is all about sharing what makes you feel good about yourself. Snap a video to the song whenever you're digging your personal style and aesthetic!"

How to Dress Like a __ Model Challenge

Certain brands have very specific aesthetics, and one trend that has taken off in the past few months is nailing the designer look at home using a few key pieces.

"Started by creator @morganpresleyxo, the #GucciModelChallenge, invites the community to recreate the iconic Gucci model look at home," Vu tells us. "The trend has also carried over to other designers, including Dior and Prada. This is a really fun opportunity to go over-the-top with your look and find inspiration from items you already have in your closet. When making your own video, try to be as authentic as possible by sharing the true result of your at-home styling, no filter."

0.3X Speed

According to Vu, sometimes it's not a challenge or video style that goes viral but a specific, inspirational sound, like one that encourages users to strut in slow-mo.

"Started by creator @spencewuah, this audio inspired the community to express themselves in iconic outfits and strut towards the camera at 0.3x speed. When recreating this trend, confidence is key. Wearing something you feel your best self in that shows off your personal style will make for an epic strut, trust us."

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