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Updated Mar 05, 2018 @ 4:30 pm
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On the evening of the Oscar’s, InStyle editors aggressively hop on the phone with celebrity stylists like Kate Young, Micaela Erlanger, and Elizabeth Saltzman to get all the juicy details on our favorite celebrity’s gowns. How long did it take for so and so to get ready? How many dresses did she try on before choosing “the one.”

We love speaking to stylists who have been in the industry forever, but speaking to up and comers, like Bryon Javar, is almost more exciting. These stylists, some of whom are doing the first red carpets of their careers, are ripe for experimentation.

VIDEO: Tiffany Haddish on Her Oscar Looks

Bryon Javar may not yet be a household name, but if Tiffany Haddish’s ever-evolving wardrobe has anything to do with it, he soon will be. The LA-based stylist has put the comedienne in pieces like that ruffle Alice & Olivia dress, which made us all take notice. You can follow him on Instagram here.

“One day I had to sit down with myself and figure out what was my niche,” Javar told a week before the Oscar’s over the phone. “I realized I like working with people and growing with them; turning them into these fashion girls. It’s not as fun when you come in and they have an aesthetic. When you get these new girls that have an idea but give me the creative freedom, it’s such fun,” he said.

Javar has been having fun with Haddish since her press tour for Girls Trip and also is responsible for making some other stars become newly crowned fashionistas: Amanda Seales, LeToya Luckett, even former Spice Girl Mel B.

“It’s really playing Barbie with different body types, different energies, and different personalities,” he says.

Different personalities and big personalities. I asked Javar what it’s like working with someone who’s larger than life, like Haddish.

“When it comes to fashion, Tiffany just throws her hands up and lets me do me. She will say if she doesn’t like something, but if I’m leaning into it, she’ll try it. She trusts my eye and my vision and the direction that I’m steering her in.”

Credit: Rick Rowell/Getty Images

For the actual Oscar’s, Haddish ditched her pre-planned dress and instead wore a dress to honor her late father and her Eritrean heritage. And no, Javer had no involvement in that particular decision. But it shouldn't surprise us. Because Haddish isn't simply a pretty fly on the way fashion girl. Yes, she'll play dress up with Javer for events. But she also wants to say something with her fashion. And that's what makes her such a relevant, important part of the new wave of fashion stars.

Plus, as you know, the after party is just as important as the big show itself. And the after party was all Javar.

To the Vanity Fair After-Party, Haddish wore a lime yellow Brandon Maxwell high-slit dress. “We were torn between a red and this color fabric, so we took a chance and went with a bright color that looks great on her skin tone,” Javar emails me this morning.

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While her red carpet dress may not have been a brand name, her Alexander McQueen dress (which she’s worn three times now) and Brandon Maxwell gown give nod to the fact that she’s on the fashion industry’s radar. But some are still hesitant to loan to a newcomer stylist and rising comedic star.

“They don’t view her just yet as that fashion girl,” he says. "They see the progression. There aren’t many stand up comedians that are taken seriously in the fashion world. I want Tiffany to be that first female stand up comedian that is a fashion icon, where the beauty brands are into her the fashion brands are into her, and it’s something that’s believable.”