Introducing, the most comfortable boots you’ll ever own.
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Thursday Boots
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This is the story about a pair of boots that have held a dear place in my heart for months. And while they look so simple in photographs, I absolutely love them whenever I put them on. Now repeat that sentence to the tune of “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” before you keep reading. 

In all seriousness, I own many boots — like way too many to fit into my small NYC apartment. But out of all the boots in my closet, from combat to knee-high to hiking to rain, there is one pair that’s among the most comfortable and complimented in my collection: the Heartbreaker Boot from Thursday Boots

Right out of the box, I knew these boots were something else. The pointed toe front, the shiny black leather, the geometric heel — the detailing was just gasp-inducing. The supple, soft leather needed zero break-in time, a major plus for me, seeing as my feet are on the wider side. I had just about given up on the prospect of comfortably being able to wear a pointy-toe boot until these Thursday stunners proved I didn’t have to.

Thursday Boot Company Women's Heartbreaker Bootie
Credit: Courtesy

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The three-inch geometric-shaped heel was the perfect height; it gave me a subtle lift without making my 5’8”-ish self feel too tall. The heel is also coated in an anti-slip base that I really put to the test on a rainy NYC day. I didn’t slip, even walking down the slippery wet subway stairs. 

Inside, the boots have a shock-absorbing insole that forms to your foot shape through repeat wear, and while heeled shoes are usually a no-go for me when I know I’ll be getting in my steps, I could comfortably wear these while trekking around town — no foot pain even after my pedometer hit 12,000 steps.

I love these boots, and I’m not the only one. Every single time I wear them, I get stopped and asked where they’re from. I was at a vintage market last year, and a group of girls stared down my feet from across the room, eventually running up to me to inquire where they were from. I’ve been asked about them on the subway, at the grocery store, at the hair salon — everywhere. There’s clearly something magnetizing about them. Put simply, they’re the perfect black boots, and they’re too good not to share with the world.