Showing Your Thong Is Trendy Again — At Least, According to These Celebrities

Someone call Sisqo.

Thong Trend 2019
Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Someone needs to alert our old friend Sisqo, because his 1999 hit, "Thong Song," might be relevant once again. As it turns out, the divisive '90s trend of showing off your underwear — specifically, your thong — is back. In need of some proof? Allow us to present you with the irrefutable evidence, straight from Kylie Jenner's Instagram.

Thong Trend 2019

On Wednesday, the beauty mogul and billionaire shared a photo of herself relaxing on the couch, wearing a bright green bra, a pair of jeans, and a matching bright green thong, which was clearly visible peeking out from under her jeans. This is just one example of the rising trend. Hailey Baldwin showed off her pink thong at 2019's Met Gala, Bella Hadid wore one in Versace's menswear show, and even Heron Preston included this sneaky lingerie look on its runway.

Thong Trend 2019
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Truthfully, we knew this one was coming. Where else were we to go after tiny sunglasses, bucket hats, and even bubble skirts made a comeback? There is, however, a new twist on the thong fashion trend.

Thong Trend 2019
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It seems the key is to make sure your thong is matchy-matchy and coordinates with either your top or overall outfit, rather than being a random pop of color. While it's still a very sexy look, it creates a cleaner visual and feels a bit more elevated (perhaps?). It also looks like G-strings are the go-to style this time around.

Thong Trend 2019
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We're thinking it's only a matter of time before we see even more celebrities and models showing off their thongs (and maybe a few daring, non-famous folks, too).

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