These New Samsung Devices Will Take Your Workout To The Next Level

Samsung Workout - Lead 2016
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Get ready to get more out of your daily sweat session. Samsung just announced two new wearable devices, the Gear Fit2 band and the Gear IconX earbuds, that are designed to give you ultra precise analyses of your workouts without getting in the way of your comfort, speed, or agility. Whether you're training for a marathon or simply trying to fit in a few extra steps on your daily commute, these gadgets look sleek and pack a serious performance punch.

The Gear Fit2

Samsung Workout - Embed 2016

Finally, there's a wearable fitness band that can function at full capacity, even if you don't have your smartphone within close range. Thanks to GPS tracking, the Gear Fit2 is all you'll need to take with you on a run or to the gym, and you'll never miss out on logging a step or a calorie burned. It also features automatic fitness tracking, so you don't have to alert the device to the type of workout your doing--it intuitively knows whether you're running, biking, taking an indoor spin class, or hitting the elliptical. The extra large 1.5-inch display is designed to let you glance quickly at your stats mid-workout so you don't have to pause or fumble with the touch screen to get an update.

The Gear IconX

Samsung Workout 2 - Embed 2016

Since music can be a pretty powerful tool in getting amped up for a workout, Samsung is hitting refresh on the classic earbuds. The Gear IconX earbuds are completely cord-free so you'll never have to worry about cumbersome wires brushing your skin or getting tangled in your hair. Better yet? They offer real-time, in-ear feedback on your performance, without ever interrupting your tunes. A unique (and tiny) touchpad on the outside of the earbud lets you control the updates, enable step-tracking, and control the volume of your music. The earbuds come with three sizes of wingtips and eartips to ensure that you get the most precise and comfortable fit possible. Load your favorite playlists directly to the earbuds so you don't have to worry about being with bluetooth range to hear Beyonce blaring.

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