3 Essentials That Are Missing From Your Underwear Drawer, According to Celebrity Stylists

Launched by Jamie Mizrahi and Simone Harouche, new undergarment line The KiT includes items you never even knew about — but definitely need.

The Kit Underwear
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There's a reason celebrities look so darn good when walking the red carpet: they have a team of people helping them behind the scenes, including their stylists, who have discovered more than few fashion tricks over the years. Now two of those pros, Jamie Mizrahi (who works with the likes of Katy Perry and Jessica Alba) and Simone Harouche (who has dressed Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian), have decided to share a few secrets. They teamed up to launch The KiT, a line of undergarments that are meant to be the essential underpinnings for any wardrobe.

"We would always trade tricks and tips, and talk through what we would use for our clients — things that didn't exist, or that people didn't even know about," Mizrahi told InStyle when revealing what inspired the duo to finally launch their own company. "We came together and said, ‘Why don't we create a line of essentials that work underneath anything someone might be wearing to simplify the process of getting dressed?’ That means anything from bras, underwear, and bodysuits, to styling tricks that we use, like pasties, tape, and something called a C-string. We're bringing all the tricks that we use on our clients to everyone in a very edited, educational way."

Jamie Mizrahi and Simone Harouche

If you're wondering what exactly a C-string is, you're not alone.

"The average person typically doesn’t know what that is, or how to use it," Mizrahi of the adhesive thong underwear with nothing on the side. "I used it on Katy Perry the other day, and she was like, ‘I've never seen this in my entire life, but this is the greatest thing I've ever used.’ And Simone used to use it all the time on her clients."

Harouche then went into further detail as to why it's worth adding to your underwear drawer.

"If you have a high-slit outfit, or are wearing a dress where the material is super-clingy and you don't want underwear lines, it has a little piece of tape that you tape onto your belly — kind of like a nipple pastie for your vagina. And they're washable."

The Kit Underwear

Another item the two women wanted to include in The KiT was a body stocking, which, they told us, is a less-extreme version of shapewear. While it does work to contour the body, it's actually meant to take the place of a slip, giving the illusion that you're wearing nothing underneath your clothes.

"We like that it goes all the way up above your breast," Harouche said. "You know when you're wearing tights sometimes and they stop at your ribs, or your stomach? There's always a little bit of something coming out on top. This just goes all the way up, so you don't have to worry about any little bits trying to get out."

Finally, there was one other undergarment that both Mizrahi and Harouche felt was underrated but necessary.

"We also have high-waisted tap shorts," Mizrahi said. "When you're wearing dresses, or something shorter where you don't want to worry about wearing a thong or showing your butt, and you also want to feel held in and secure, the tap short is a really nice option."

The Kit Undergarments

Individual bras go up to size 38DD and start at $38 while underwear options are sized to XXL and priced from $22. Customers are also able to buy full kits — hence the name — which include multiple undergarments for a set price. Throughout the month of October, three percent of every kit purchased will be donated to the Women’s Cancer Research Fund.

With reporting by Alison Syrett.

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