This Gifting App Is Facebook, Pinterest, and Amazon Combined

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We all have that one family member on our holiday shopping list that is just impossible to find something for. She has everything, she is ridiculously picky, and she makes no about showing her disappointment when you give her the wrong item. Nevertheless, the holidays are upon us and once again and you're faced with the dreaded purchase.

This is the predicament Karina Calvert-Jones found herself in the past few holiday seasons.

"I was constantly shopping for gifts for family, friends, godchildren, teachers, not to mention my own two teenage daughters. It was starting to feel like a full time job," the Co-Founder and Chief Ideas Officer of Whilo told us.

"I'm the kind of person who [spends] too much time, effort, and money trying to get everyone the perfect gift. Since we live in such an app centric world, I thought 'how good would it be if I could see exactly what [my friends and family] love and just buy them that? It's really that simple.'"

Enter: Whilo; a gifting app born out of Calvert-Jones's frustration.

Whilo App - Embed 2016

Short for "What I Love," Whilo, available in the app store, lets you save all those fancy things you want for the holidays in one place, enabling your friends and family to buy you exactly what you want.

Other key features: Curated influencer lists, interactive registries, and product recommendations.

"When you sign up for Whilo, you create a profile and provide a bit of information about yourself to help others buy you the perfect gift, like sizes, your favorite scents, flowers and so on," Calvert-Jones says.

"You can then follow family and friends to stay up to date on what they love. The app will gently remind you of upcoming birthdays, for instance, and give you plenty of time to make sure you can buy and ship in time."

Use the "Discover" section of the app to see what's trending or featured lists from tastemakers, like Dylan Bleue, supermodel Carolyn Murphy's daughter. According to Bleue, Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser is a must-have for the beauty guru in your life.

So stop stressing about what to buy your persnickety BFF. Instead, tell her to join Whilo. It's for her own good as much as for yours.

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