It's Tax Day: Here's What InStyle Editors Want to Splurge on With Their Refunds

Bild gold necklace
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The IRS tax filing deadline is today, April 15th, and we're hoping everyone gets a refund! We thought long and hard about what we would do with an extra influx of cash, and (not shockingly) easily came up with a wish list of things we'd splurge on. See our picks for the items our editors want to blow our tax refunds on this year—from a fancy blowdryer to a statement bag, and even an exotic vacay thrown in the mix .

See how InStyle editors would spend their tax refund in our gallery!

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Minimal Bag

Navy Tsatsas bag

"I'd feed my purse collection with my refund. I love this small, luxury line from Germany exclusively carried at Roztayger, which sells a tightly curated selection of bags from around the world. The limited-edition design from Tsatsas is part insouciance, part high fashion elegance. I love that it's a deep blue and that it always looks slightly askew/open, even though it's actually snapped shut. The conscious consumerist in me also appreciates that the hide is sourced from animals reared for meat production and that the manufacturing meets the highest ecological standards. " —Isabel Gonzalez-Whitaker, Fashion Features Editor

The Fluke Bag: Tsatsas, $1,050;

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Miracle Hair Tool

Harry Josh Mint blow dryer

"This Harry Josh hair dryer sounds like magic. Energy efficient and powerful, this pint-size dryer is said to cut drying time in half. How can I not trust the man in charge of Gisele's hair?" —Violet Gaynor, Senior Fashion Editor

Pro Tools 2000 Pro Dryer: Harry Josh, $300;

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Statement Coat

No. 21 floral jacket

"My aesthetic is pretty minimal, but when it comes to tax refund money, I like to splurge on something completely against type like this No. 21 coat. The beautiful floral details are feminine so you'd expect it to be worn with a dress. I'd dress it down with frayed jeans and my trusty white Adidas Stan Smiths as an every day piece." —Diana Tsui, Senior Editor

Fantasia Floral-Print Cocoon Coat: No. 21, $2,374;

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Bold Bauble

Gold double hoop ring

"I've been obsessing over this unique ring for months now. I love the intricate fusion of the two bands and the rich, yet understated pave sparkle. You can wear it with anything!" —Kim Peiffer, Senior News Editor

Pave Gold Diamond X Ring: EF Collection, $850;

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Sleek Clutch

Mint bag with gold bar handle

"I have been coveting this new bag line for months! This is the perfect statement bag for spring that not every fashion girl is carrying." —Dana Avidan-Cohn, Senior Market Editor/Digital Correspondent

La Collectionneuse Leather Clutch: M2Malletier, $1,560;

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Colorful Painting

Colorful painting

"I'm obsessed with these gorgeous paintings by Jenny Prinn, an artist and fellow mother of small children living in Maine. The colors are so bright you can't help but feel happy when you look at them. I recently bought one ( 1970) and I'm already craving another." —Selene Milano-Angel, Senior Beauty Editor

1970: Jenny Prinn, Prices Vary;

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Single Luxe Earring

Pearl Earring

"I would buy these Delfina Delettrez earrings. I've been eyeing them since last fall when I saw the photos come back from the Paris press days. This one is my favorite; of course diamonds! Pearls are a a classic, but done in this way it makes them super cool and unlike anything else." —Ali Pew, Fashion Editor

White Sphere Piercing Earring: Delfina Delettrez, $3,208;

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Exotic Vacation

Beach Vacation canopy

"I am splurging my refund on a family vacation this summer to the Four Seasons, Punta Mita, Mexico. It is pure paradise!" —Karen Levy, Senior Entertainment Editor

Four Seasons: Punta Mita, Prices Vary;

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Classic Tote

Saint Laurent black leather bag

"I've been eyeing Saint Laurent's tote bags since Fashion Director Melissa Rubini raved about them last fall. These bags are beautiful, classic and practical. If it's something you'll be carrying every day, for years, it is worth the investment—right?" —Angela Matusik, Executive Editor

Sac De Jour Leather Tote: Saint Laurent, $2,550;

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Delicate Gold Necklace

Bild gold necklace

"In my spare time I dream about owning the whole collection of Saskia Diez, but given reality I'd take the Gold Fine 4Line Necklace. It's a timeless and personal piece I would never take off." —Rina Stone, Creative Director

Gold Fine 4Line Necklace: Saskia Diez, $1100;

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