Why Tan France Thinks This Season of Queer Eye Will Be the "Most Emotional Yet"

You might want to grab those tissues.

Tan France Queer Eye
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From signing book deals to scoring side gigs, the men of Queer Eye are everywhere as of late, and Tan France might be the busiest of the bunch. On top of starring on the heartwarming makeover show — which returns to Netflix for its fourth season on July 19 — France recently released a memoir, Naturally Tan, will appear on Netflix’s upcoming Project Runway-type show, Next in Fashion, and still manages to find time to give back.

The fashion expert is currently helping to promote Men’s Wearhouse’s Suit Drive, in which the store collects gently used professional apparel from both men and women. The items are then donated to those hoping to re-enter the workforce.

“It's something that I've talked about so many times on Queer Eye — dressing for the life that you want,” he tells InStyle via phone. “With this, people are getting the opportunity to actually dress appropriately for an interview. There are 150 locations across the country where people can go to donate their clothes, and for people who actually do have a job interview, there are local charities that are working to get the clothes to them.”

France also sees this as a good opportunity to clean out your closet.

“There are definitely things in my closet that I know are not my style anymore, never will be again, or they don't fit me anymore,” he says. “Whenever your closet is fuller than you'd like it to be, and you know that you're not going to wear that product again, get rid of it. It truly can benefit somebody else.”

It’s possible you’ve heard France give a similar closet-cleaning pep talk on an episode of Queer Eye. Thankfully, the star was more than willing to share some of what we can expect in the next few episodes.

“I will say is that it probably is our most emotional season yet,” he reveals about the show's fourth season. “I think you're going to find that you're connecting with these heroes so strongly. One of the big [moments], I know, is going to be Jonathan's old teacher from high school. That's something we've never done before, where we visit somebody one of us knows. Usually they are complete strangers to us. It’s the first time we're helping somebody that has helped a whole community, including Jonathan. That's going to be a very special moment for the fans of Queer Eye.”

Tan France Queer Eye
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France also weighed in whether he envisions the show ending at some point, especially as the cast's schedules get busier and busier.

“Honestly, I pray for a day where a show like Queer Eye isn't necessary,” he tells us. “I would love to get to the point where we live in a world where people see the LGBTQ+ community as equal — where all of us treat each other beautifully. I hope that there comes a day when there is no need for Queer Eye. However, until that point, we all love shooting the show — it's so fun! So, I think we're going to hold on as long as we possibly can. It really has had such a cultural impact on the world, and I feel really privileged to be a part of it and so do the other boys. I can't imagine any of us will want to not do it any longer.”

On top of that good news, France was happy to share a few of his favorite things with InStyle, giving us insight on everything from the throwback trends worth following to the best items to splurge on.

His Favorite Piece to Buy Over and Over Again

“You see me in a lot of suits. I don't wear suits every day, but when I'm looking to dress up a look, I will go for a suit. But I wear it my way — I'm not for wearing a suit with a shirt, and a tie, and a tie bar, and a sensible pair of shoes. I wear it more as streetwear, where I'll wear a fancy shirt and put a T-shirt with it. I'll put a pair of sneakers with it. I will wear a fanny pack with it. I wear it the way it makes sense for me.”

His Favorite Item to Splurge On

“Suiting and accessories, like bags and shoes. Because usually I don't go for something trendy in those departments. I go for something that I know I will wear year upon year.”

His Favorite Color to Wear

“I wear a lot of black. I know that's surprising to anyone who watches Queer Eye, because I usually wear color or print on Queer Eye. But, most of the things that I purchase are either black, brown, or something neutral.”

His Favorite Print

“I always love a floral, I think it's classic. But I have so many stripes. You can't go wrong with a stripe. I don't agree with many people who say, ‘Oh if you're feeling self-conscious about your weight or your size, you shouldn't go for a horizontal print. I couldn't disagree more. I think if you feel comfortable in a print, go for it.”

Tan France Queer Eye

His Favorite Pair of Shoes

“I have too many pairs of shoes to claim a favorite — literally hundreds. I love almost all of them, but I do live in a sneaker or a boot. I don't usually wear a regular shoe-shoe. Sandals are fine, but I walk a lot and so they're just not comfortable on my feet. I feel most comfortable in a sneaker."

His Favorite Style Icon for Men

“I don't reference one when I'm getting ready or when I'm shopping, but I do suggest that other people do if they struggle with style. However, there are many men who I think look incredible. Rami Malek looks incredible. David Beckham usually looks incredible. Riz Ahmed. There are a few men who I think do a really, really, stellar job.

His Favorite Style Icon for Women

“Cate Blanchett. Anybody that Elizabeth Stewart dresses, I think dresses incredibly well.”

His Favorite Throwback Trend

“High-waisted jeans, like mom jeans, I'm all about it; [they] make me feel really good about my life. Also, fanny packs. I love a fanny pack. I know that it's one of those things that will only live on for another year or so, but I know I've still got a good year or so using that product. So I'm still embracing it. I'm going to keep on going until it's done.”

Tan France Queer Eye

His Favorite Movie Character with the Best Style

“Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. She was incredible.”

His Favorite Way to Decompress

“Honestly, just spending time with my husband. I usually am indoors because then I have my privacy. Life has gotten a little more difficult when it comes to alone time or privacy, so I find it a lot more comfortable being at home with my husband, watching TV. That's my happy place. I am also very comfortable in the kitchen. I cook a lot and bake. That's a lot of my culture."

His Favorite Food to Cook

“I always make Indian food — usually a vegetable. And then, I bake. I love to bake chocolate cake or muffins."

His Favorite Food to Order

“I work so many hours, and on my work days, I'm usually ordering in. If I'm going for food it's usually sushi or Indian. I love a salmon nigiri. There's also a place called Sugarfish and their sashimi is perfect.”

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