These Sydney Sweeney-Approved Sneakers Are So Comfy, I Walked 7 Miles in Them on First Wear

They were soft and supportive right out of the box.

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These Sydney Sweeney-Approved Sneakers Are So Comfy, I Walked 7 Miles in Them on First Wear
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I finally started season two of Euphoria, and to everyone who begged me to catch up: Congrats, I now feel empty inside, too. Any show that produces this much teenage angst in a grown adult should come with a week of free therapy. Aside from a fascinating (albeit extremely dark) plot line, the only thing keeping me going is, of course, the fashion. Even off-screen, it's a gift to check in on what the members of the cast — who are pretty much all style icons — are wearing.

For instance, back in February, Sydney Sweeney was seen walking her dog in a beige knit Ralph Lauren set with a classic cream Brunello Cucinelli coat. But even among her designer threads, the star of the 'fit was a pair of chunky dad sneakers — the Sorel Kinetic Techlace Sneakers, to be exact. Whether they're paired with leggings and a sweatshirt or, in Sweeney's case, luxe-looking loungewear, the thick platform shoes always make a statement that transforms any look from boring to intriguing. So when Sorel offered me a pair to try out for free, I obviously said yes.

Mine happened to arrive on a day I knew I'd be on my feet for at least eight hours because I was helping a friend move into her new apartment. Even though I anticipated a million trips up and down the stairs and a few miles of cross-town suitcase carrying, I had to try out my new kicks immediately, even if it meant sore feet. I stepped into one, anticipating pinchy stiffness, but the only thought that came to mind was "wow, so soft." I did a little lap around my kitchen and continued to be pleasantly surprised; they were as comfortable as the broken-in Hokas I'd been walking in for months, and somehow more cushioned, even right out of the box.


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Throughout the day, I waited for a rush of heel pain or the sprouting of a blister, but neither came. The porous, breathable exterior around the top of the shoe kept my toes sweat-free, and although the soles were lined with layers of plush padding, the sneaker as a whole felt surprisingly lightweight (even after dozens of flights of stairs). Better still, the grooved traction on the bottoms prevented any kind of slippage. Midway through transporting a couch on foot, I checked my Fitbit and saw I'd already walked seven miles — and realized my feet were still completely pain-free. In fact, when my friend asked if I needed a break, I even had the audacity to say "I'm fine to keep going."

I'm fairly convinced there's witchcraft involved, but in any case, these are the most comfortable sneakers I own, and the only shoes I've tried that are actually comfortable right out of the box. Plus, whether I'm wearing a blazer or sweats, these Sydney Sweeney-approved lace-ups always make my outfit cooler. Head to Zappos or Sorel to shop the sneakers that are so comfy, they might even pull you out of your post-Euphoria blues.

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