Susan Sarandon Only Has One Rule When It Comes to Online Shopping — and It'll Probably Make You Laugh

Plus, the actress tells InStyle how colorful shoes changed her style.

Susan Sarandon Roger Vivier Dinner
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There are a few reasons why we cringe whenever a trend from our past resurfaces, but it pretty much boils down to one big thing: our fashion preferences have simply changed. We're more than willing to leave low-rise jeans and other uncomfortable styles in the past — and Susan Sarandon seems to feel the same way.

"I’m definitely more interested in tuxedos on the red carpet than revealing dresses that have to be managed more carefully," she admits to InStyle ahead of Thursday night's Roger Vivier dinner in LA. The actress previously appeared in a short film for the footwear brand, and even credits it with helping to change her aesthetic.

"I welcome the idea of the dressy boots that the brand has created," she tells us. "But, when I do decide to put on a cocktail dress, I like a pop of color at my feet, which I don’t think I have ever experienced before Roger Vivier."

Susan Sarandon Roger Vivier Dinner
Marc Patrick/

While Sarandon tends to reserve certain shoes for special occasions and others for everyday wear — "I definitely don't wear a high heel for everyday walking in NYC" — she says she enjoys pieces that "have a sense humor" and are also original.

"Roger Vivier's line is always beautifully crafted and also has a sense of humor and unexpected, daring color combinations."

Ahead, the actress tells us all about filming the short Jewels to Shoes, why she doesn't give her daughter fashion advice, and her one main rule when it comes to online shopping.

Is there a story from filming the Roger Vivier campaign video that stands out in your mind the most?

Sarandon: We had a very memorable shoot in a castle on the Hudson River. The script itself was really fun, as was the crew, but my co-star Tuna [the dog] was particularly unmanageable, which created one of the spontaneous moments in the film when he snapped at me and I responded. I always welcome improvisational actors.

Are you a fan of online shopping or do you prefer to go and try something on? Any tips for shopping online?

I’m not a fan of trying things on because I'm very lazy. But, when it comes to big events, obviously there are fittings involved and that’s fun when you’re working with someone like Zac Posen, who is creating a dress specifically for you. That’s a really beautiful experience. The only tip about online shopping is to abstain from middle of the night online shopping, especially when you’ve been drinking or smoking.

Your daughter, Eva Amurri, works in fashion as a blogger. Do you ever look to her for inspiration or style advice? Or are you the one giving her advice?

I’m definitely not giving her advice. She is so far ahead of the curve where fashion is concerned, and she has the most amazing body that can wear anything. So, we are in very different categories.

Susan Sarandon Roger Vivier Dinner
Marc Patrick/

Obviously, there is so much is going on in the world — politically, environmentally, socially, etc. Any advice for finding the balance to enjoy things like fashion, without spiraling about how small it may seem in the grand scheme of things?

The fashion industry needs to be much more aware of the waste in producing clothes and the dyes that are being used. In that sense, they are very much a part of an awareness of environmental responsibility, and also, social justice for their workers.

Is there a character from your past whose wardrobe you wish you could have kept?

"Doris Duke from Bernard & Doris."

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