Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Lawrence Live In This Comfortable Brand and It’s $38 for Prime Day

Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Lawrence Live in This Comfortable Brand, and It's $37 for Prime Day

And it’s extremely comfortable. 
By Tara Gonzalez
Jun 22, 2021 @ 2:45 pm
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If Angelina Jolie donning a pair of glorified $3,000 pajamas isn't proof that loungewear taken seriously did not end in 2020, then we are not sure what is. Sure, celebrities are absolutely stepping out and dressing up. But they are clearly holding onto their sweatpants and cozy house clothing just as much as we are. And a lot of it appears to be by the brand Sundry, which has clothing deals  for as little as $37 this Amazon Prime Day

Back in April, Jennifer Lawrence was seen in a pair of Sundry sweatpants while also keeping Ugg boot season alive. Then Megan Fox was seen grocery shopping at Erewhon in a pair of the brand's star joggers. Of course it should come as no surprise that Jennifer Lopez, athleisure queen, has also worn Sundry while working out in Miami. 

And while the brand itself is casual with simple stripe t-shirts, oversized sweatshirts, and joggers, the price tags are far from it. It's actually pretty expensive for clothing you could easily sleep in, although it's all extremely cute and clearly celeb-approved, which in turn adds to the price. Thankfully Prime Day has us all covered with major discounts for a brand that's more likely to sell out than go on sale

This Sundry sale also features perfect summer staples from a shirred sleeve shirt for just $37 to a ruched dress for $134 that looks just as soft as a pair of sweats. There's also a muscle tee we wouldn't be surprised to see Lopez in for $54 and a floral hoodie Lawrence would totally wear while going incognito in Soho. If you like the puff sleeve trend without as much formality, Sundry makes a sweatshirt version that looks unlike anything we've ever seen before for just $55. And there's a simple $43 stripe tee that would look good with everything.

Apparently this Prime Day is the perfect time to stock up on every celebrity look you've ever loved before. The Angelina Jolie pajama trend is on sale for just $11, Katie Holmes's go-to sneaker is just $39, and Jennifer Lopez's butt-lifting leggings are 20 percent off. Now all you need is a piece of Sundry to complete a celebrity off-duty look. There's truly never been a better time. 

Shop the best celeb-approved Sundry deals for Amazon Prime day, below.

Sundry Gradient Stripe Tee
($84.00 save 49%)
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Sundry Puffed Shoulder Sweatshirt
($130.00 save 58%)
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Sundry Shirred Sleeve Shirt
($47.00 save 21%)
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Sundry Stripe Floral Hoodie
($113.00 save 20%)
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Sundry Stripe Muscle Tee
($78.00 save 31%)
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Sundry Puff Sleeve Ruched Dress
($168.00 save 20%)
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Sundry U Neck Slubbed Dress
($138.00 save 20%)
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