By Andrea Cheng
Updated Sep 20, 2016 @ 12:00 pm
Shapewear Khloe Kardashian - LEAD
Credit: monicarosestyle/Instagram

Out of all of Monica Rose's style identifiers (and there are many, which we've listed here), the ones that cry out "Monica Rose was here" the most, would have to be bodycon dresses and neutral monochromatic color schemes. Unite the two, and you get the "naked look." It's simple, yet effective, with a guarantee to make headlines (well, if you're a Kardashian, Jenner, or Hadid). It's unapologetic in its sexiness, it creates the illusion of nakedness, and since you're not actually exposing skin, there's a degree of sophistication. (Remember Carrie Bradshaw and her naked dress? Same idea).

And because we have to remind ourselves that stars, they're just like us, we had to ask Rose how she ensures perfection when she outfits any one of her very famous clients in the "naked look." What sorcery occurs behind the scenes? OK, but really: What do they wear underneath? Does she DIY it with surgical duct tape? Or do they just have flawless bodies?

For starters, yes, it helps that all of her clients have extremely fit figures. "Personally, I don't feel comfortable in a bodycon dress, but that's all I put Khloe in," she says. "I just want to see her figure—she's worked hard for her body."

Next? Great shapewear. "I use a lot of Spanx—that's definitely my go-to brand," Rose reveals. "I use the high-waist ones that go all the way down to the calf ($26; If you do the one that's short, it always leaves a line, so I always use the longer ones. I also use BodyWrap—it doesn't leave lines, and it makes your booty look better, so I've been using them a lot."

And sometimes, she doesn't use anything at all, depending on the fabric of the dress. "If the material is nice, you don't need to wear anything underneath," Rose says. "Or, I'll have my tailor create a lining underneath. But sometimes, if I don't have the right undergarment, I'll scrap the look altogether. It just won't work out."