Alana Zimmer Lead
Credit: Timur Emek/Getty Images

These days, street style is about so much more than just style seen on the street. It’s about a girl’s hair blowing just the right way as she turns to laugh with her (equally well-dressed, of course) friend. It’s about making something totally mundane—say, staring a phone or rushing to make a meeting—seem glossy and exciting. And, if you’re anything like me, it’s about to make you go crazy wondering why you never, ever look that great in a candid.

Model Alana Zimmer, who’s no stranger to the fashion photog scene, has a reassuring answer: All those effortless, caught-in-the-act moments outside the shows? Totally posed. On set at on our December jewelry shoot, I asked her to break down a few of her go-to moves for you, me, and the betterment of our Instagram accounts. Keep scrolling for her best tips!

1. The Leg Pop

You know how, like, 99.99 percent of straight-on shots are unflattering? That’s because body angles both elongate your figure, and generally feel more natural. Enter, one slight bent leg—aka, "The Leg Pop."

2. The Where’s My Driver?

Turns out that being chased down by photographers isn’t that different from being pursued by a job or new love interest: They’re most interested when you aren’t. Feign total indifference by appearing totally engrossed by your phone (even if it means scrolling through the same Insta-photos five times in a row).

3. The One Hand in My Pocket

As Alana brilliantly demonstrates in the clip, you can also take this one to the next level by layering in "The Leg Pop."

4. The in Your Face

Next time someone whips out their iPhone for an impromptu shot, resist the urge to cheese it up with a peace sign and grin, and try this, instead.

5. The Friendly Rush

File this one under: How to seem cute, happy, and approachable when you are running 15 minutes late and have zero time to indulge a swarm of people with cameras. Smile, catch the wind just so, and keep moving!