#InspiredByInStyle: How Reader of the Week Carelia Morán Brown Does French Chic

In this regular series, we demonstrate how our most intrepid readers sport the trends in our magazine. Look for it on What's Right Now every week, and be sure to try out a look or two yourself and tweet us a photo @InStyle using #inspiredbyinstyle. Today, we're featuring Reader of the Week and My Small Wardrobe blogger Carelia Morán Brown.

Carelia Morán Brown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Photo: Courtesy

Extremely practical and super unfussy, French chic is something to be admired. That's why we shared an entire guide on "How to Dress Like a Frenchwoman" [The Guide] in our August issue. Reader of the Week Brown got the memo and was inspired to nab a few key, but effortless pieces to her wardrobe to achieve that perfect je ne sais quoi. "I wore a pair of classic ballet flats and a simple striped dress with other basic pieces to achieve my French-inspired look," says Brown. "And because these pieces are timeless, I know I'll be pairing them with many ensembles." Tres magnifique!

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