29 Street Style Looks You *Almost* Missed at Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week officially lasted just three days this September, with many events taking place digitally due to the pandemic. Of course, we were grateful for all the safety precautions in place, but once the shows were over? Well, we realized we missed seeing our favorite fashionable people flocking to one place, dressed in outfits that leave us inspired for years after their debut.

Usually, InStyle works with a Fashion Week photographer to capture a variety of plus-size looks spotted outside of shows. We enjoy highlighting these women and men specifically, because, if we're being honest, street style photos of people above a certain size are hard to come by. The truth is that fashion is for everyone, no matter what your body looks like or what the tiny tag on your jeans says. And, until more brands and designers realize this, we'll keep working to provide that proof.

So, this time around, we reached out to a bunch of style icons who participated in our galleries in the past, hoping they could send the looks they would have worn to a more traditional Fashion Week. A virtual street style round-up, if you will. From all around the world, they delivered, posing for photos and providing blurbs explaining their outfit.

Your dose of inspiration has arrived.

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Taylor Hansen Hughes

Taylor Hansen Hughes Street Style
Taylor Hansen Hughes. Dress by Molly Goddard. Top by Magda Burtrym. Shoes by Stuad. Bag by For the Ages. Headband by Fly By Night (both are made in New York City and sold at Walk the West in Greenpoint).

Instagram: @taylorhansenhughes

About the Outfit: "If Fashion Week was happening in its traditional sense, this is what I would have worn! Post-quarantine, I've been craving bold colors in easy silhouettes and luxurious fabrics. I'll still be wearing this to view shows online and gather with friends this season. I'm dressed head-to-toe in female designers who create empowering pieces for women to take up space."

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Jamie Hamilton

Jamie Hamilton
Jamie Hamilton and assistant Kevin Deel

Instagram: @jamie_jetaime

The Outfit: "1970s palette x my relocation to the Southwest = inspiration for this would-be NYFW look. Instead of walking around NY, I’m in my backyard. During previous NYFWs, I couldn't see at all times. Recently, I was diagnosed with Fourth Nerve Palsy. Now my vision is corrected with tinted prism lenses and a doctor suggested wide-brimmed hat. Medical accouterments,but make it fashun. If I were at NYFW now, I’d be able to see."

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Tayler Smith

Tayler Smith

Instagram: @ttaylersmithh

The Outfit: "Can't get dressed up for shows this season, so I hope everyone at the grocery store is ready for all of this."

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Grace Clark Delgado

Grace Clark Delgado Street Style

Instagram: @thegraceclarkdelgado

The Outfit: "This past year, I finally found a designer that had me questioning, 'How are they making so many things I love?' This Nicholas dress was outside of my typical style, but with such trust in the brand, I went for it. I also wear the largest size they offer — and in continuing to support that last size offering, I wear it damn well. I hope they’ll seriously consider extending their size range and give more plus-size folks the opportunity to fall in love with their designs the way I have. And, that goes for most of NYFW too."

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Allie Provost

Allie Provost
Carter Fish

Instagram: @allieprovost

The Outfit: "NYFW is all about being bold with your outfits! Since statement sleeves are one of my favorite trends for fall, it would have been so much fun to wear this printed midi dress from ASOS and polka dotted Carolina Herrera belt to a show. I mixed in some complementary orange accessories to add a little punch to complete the look!"

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Gianluca Russo

Gianluca Russo Street Style

Instagram: @g_russo1

The Outfit: "The past six months have felt powerless to many of us, and not being able to attend Fashion Week in person this season certainly adds to that. So for my look, I wanted to dress in a way that helps me reclaim that and feel powerful again, while also incorporating a more western style to reflect my move to Arizona pre-lockdown."

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Jordan Sondler

Jordan Sondler Street Style

Instagram: @jordansondler

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Angel Neal

Angel Neal Street Style

Instagram: @Angel_Stylistbehavior

The Outfit: "I like this look because it’s comfy and vibrant. I wanted to pair it with an even more edgy shoe for an added pop of color, just to give an update to such a casual look.”

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Brianna McDonnell

Brianna McDonnell Street Style

Instagram: @_the_b_word_

The Outfit: "I chose this outfit because I love dressing items in my closet up and down. This black tank top can be chic, NYFW-ready, or a PJ shirt, LOL! That's what fashion is to me: personal style, and creating with what you have access to. As a plus-size person, I've had to be creative with fashion my whole life because the options just aren't there for plus sizes."

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Gess Pugh

Gess Pugh Street Style

Instagram: @gessflyy

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Tyler McCall

Tyler McCall Street Style

Instagram: @eiffeltyler

The Outfit: "I love the look of the Jada skirt from 11 Honoré's new in-house collection, because it feels fancy but it works just as well with a fun tee — like one of my many (many!) pieces of Harry Styles merch."

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Sabrina Servance

Sabrina Servance Street Style

Instagram: @sabrinastyled

The Outfit: "I felt powerful in such a graphic look. Someone like me goes through so much and is often not heard. With everything that has happened this year, I choose to live loudly. I use fashion to express my feelings. Fashion week gives me a chance to be my boldest self."

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Sarah Hamel-Smith

Sarah Hamel-Smith

Instagram: @thecurvytrini

The Outfit: “I chose this look because I believe great fashion should be accessible for all body types. This is one of my favorite dresses from a size-inclusive brand called Leota, which offers sizes 000 - 34W. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful inside and out!”

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Brittany Mercer

Brittany Mercer

Instagram: @curvyandcurls

The Outfit: "This look is what Fall Fashion Week is to me. It mixes and matches neutrals, textures, and colors that are the perfect combination of trendy and classic."

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Taylor Virgil

Taylor Virgil Street Style

Instagram: @taylorramsie

The Outfit: "This outfit had been in my head for two days before the first day of Fashion Week, so I made it. I guess you could call this a 'brown-skin-monochrome' vibe. It's short, sweet, and to the point."

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Charlotte Zoller

Charlotte Zoller Street Style

Instagram: @nearandchar

The Outfit: "The dress is Reformation and this was shot in the Utah desert."

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Leah Stanley

Leah Stanley Street Style
Dan B

Instagram: @voluptuousleah

The Outfit: "A loud dress for silenced bodies. This Eloquii dress would've been one of my top choices for NYFW. It's loud and proud, just like me! I'm a loud person, my voice is always heard but this dress is to ensure plus-size bodies are SEEN."

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Shaniqua Marie

Shaniqua Marie Street Style

Instagram: @iamshaniquasays

The Outfit: "This outfit is one of my favorites for fall, especially with the changing weather. I love bold looks and colors, and it combines all of my favorites in one: a simple leather skirt on the bottom, a bold top with a fun print on the top. This look gives me cool, classic, chic with a hint of Western flair — it’s country meets city chic. Another great thing is that it can be dressed up or down, and if you wanted to change up the look a bit, you can untuck the shirt and belt it, wear it open or add a fun hat."

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Ramil "Ramillionaire" Carr

Ramil Ramillionaire Carr Street Style
Ray Valdez

Instagram: @theeramillionaire

The Outfit: "My look is inspired by La Sape, (Sapologie), an abbreviation based on the phrase Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes (literally 'Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People'). Hinting to the French slang word sape, which means "clothes," or sapé, which means "dressed up," is a subculture centered on the city of Brazzaville, Congo. An adherent of La Sape is known as a sapeur or, if female, as a sapeuse. The movement embodies the elegance in style and manners of colonial predecessor dandies, and there are rules about behavior rooted in respectable manners. By changing cities and clothing, a sapeur has the power to reinvent himself and reincarnate identities. That is me all the way."

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Stephanie Mallick

Stephanie Mallick

Instagram: @bellabombshel

The Outfit: "I’m wearing pieces by Tamara Malas. We recently became good friends and got close over quarantine, so we had a blast collaborating on this and she styled me in her amazing pieces. We ended up with a look that had pretty strong witchy vibes — maybe it’s because we are SO READY for Halloween! I am always grateful for designers like Tamara Malas who understand that style has no size limit."

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Makeda Saggau-Sackey

Makeda Saggau-Sackey Street Style

Instagram: @glamazondiaries

The Outfit: "September weather during NYFW can be a bit all over the place, which is why having a vibrant coat to throw over the shoulders a must. My go-to look come fall is all about monochrome, and these shades of blue struck a chord."

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Sarah Chiwaya

Sarah Chiwaya

Instagram: @curvily

The Outfit: "I feel like we could all use a bit of normalcy, so I decided to put together a fun NYFW look every day this week, even if I am just streaming shows on my couch. I kicked off the week with this rich yellow coord from Lagos designer Nora Agbakhamen of Nora’s Needle, which includes *the* most important accessory of the season: a chic mask."

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Jessy Parr

Jessy Parr Street Style

Instagram: @modachrome

The Outfit: "Stand out, baby! So much of plus fashion is made up of boring pieces geared towards blending in. I want to wear outfits designed by people who aren’t afraid to dress my body and that express who I am."

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Michelle Blashka

Michelle Blashka

Instagram: @lehoarder

The Outfit: "Channeled my inner J.Lo with this Baacal maxi wrap dress that reminded me of her iconic Versace dress. I was looking for something with color and movement for my one IRL NYFW presentation at Spring Studios. Added these green Valentino sunglasses and a few pops of white (no white after Labor Day isn’t a thing anymore) to complete the look."

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Jazzmyne Robbins

Jazzmyne Robbins

Instagram: @asos_jazzmyne

The Outfit: "My girl Kellie Brown (@itsmekellieb), who also made the FAT ICON shirt I’m wearing, styled me in this outfit and I literally yelled 'THIS IS WHAT I WOULD WEAR TO FASHION WEEK!' This bold, colorful animal print plus the monochromatic feel of the with the socks and heels is such my vibe. I would definitely pair a cool red mask with this look too!"

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Gregoria Reyes-Lou

Gregoria Reyes-Lou

Instagram: @greivy

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Scarlett Hao

Scarlett Hao

Instagram: @scarletthalo_

The Outfit: "My mesh coat and mesh shoes make me feel soft and fresh. And love the cherry blooming on the mask."

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Margie Ashcroft

Margie Ashcroft
Harald Austad

Instagram: @margieplus

The Outfit: "Whoever said plus-size women can't wear oversized pieces DEFINITELY got it wrong. This fall, I am excited about rocking the oversized suit trend and fell in love with this sand ASOS two-piece as soon as I saw it online. There is something super sexy and chic to me about a relaxed fit suit paired with peek-a-boo lingerie and heels for the perfect street style look. It can fashionably take you from day to night."

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Jamilyn Griggs

Jamilyn Griggs

Instagram: @styleoversize

The Outfit: "My outfit is definitely something I would have worn to NYFW. I love faux leather pieces — they are so versatile when it comes to styling. I took these separates from Eloquii and turned them into a leather suit, which is definitely high up on the trends for this fall. I ended out my look with some croc-embossed accessories in white."

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