Stella Maxwell x Karl Lagerfeld
Credit: Dan Jackson

Stella Maxwell has over three million Instagram followers, and for good reason. She defines exactly what makes a supermodel in 2017: one day, she’s blowing kisses down the Victoria’s Secret runway, and the next, she’s floating in a Fendi Couture gown on the Paris catwalks. Maxwell can go from super sexy to super chic in the blink of an Instagram.

“Every brand has [it’s] own message and story to tell,” Maxwell tells over the phone. “Every designer has [his or her] own energy and thoughts to convey. I try to relate to whomever I’m working with and harness those emotions.”

Maxwell is speaking to InStyle upon the launch of her newest ad campaign for the great Karl Lagerfeld’s namesake brand. And while Karl himself didn’t shoot the campaign this season, the project was a milestone for the model nevertheless.

“We shot [the campaign] in New York with Daniel Jackson. We recreated Paris. The team had set up a whole projection to simulate the city lights, the iconic monuments and all the biggest historical places in Paris. It was pretty rad. It’s a nice little take from being in the city in the city itself.”

So what makes modeling for Karl’s brand so special other than the fact that it’s by, duh, Karl?

“Karl knows how to design for the modern girl,” Maxwell explains. “You’re so comfortable in Karl Lagerfeld’s collection; comfortable yet elegant and still very cool. He’s always one step ahead of the trends. He knows how to keep it tomboyish but still feminine.”

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And that’s exactly how to describe the latest collection, which mixes the hard (all the leather!) with the uber fem (pussy bows and glitter!).

So how different is modeling for a brand like Karl Lagerfeld Paris and Victoria’s Secret?

“Victoria’s Secret and Karl, they’re both just as iconic. They influence how we dress and how we feel and look. [The brands are] such parallel opposites, but share a lot of likeness. They both know how to portray their own image so well.”