Stars' Must-Have Spring Looks

Mya, Rag & Bone
Photo: Maria Valentino/MCV; Jennifer Graylock/JPI

Stars' Must-Have Spring Looks

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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Vera Wang
Maria Valentino/MCV; Victor Malafronte/Starmax

"That green dress with the jewels. I loved how it sort of ruched up on one side. I'd wear it anywhere, even to the supermarket!"

Runway look by Vera Wang

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Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush, L.A.M.B.
Maria Valentino/MCV; Jennifer Graylock/JPI

"The bright-green sweater with the big belt and the tailored skirt was so Rita Hayworth to me. I can't wait to purchase that-it's to die for."

Runway look by L.A.M.B.

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Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson, Calvin Klein
Maria Valentino/MCV; Bryan Bedder/Getty

"The high-waist pants are very Katharine Hepburn-that old school Hollywood glamour. I like the strong, powerful look when it's still graceful and feminine."

Runway look by Calvin Klein

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Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson, BCBG
Maria Valentino/MCV; Jennifer Graylock/JPI

"Oh, there was this one mini-dress. That was my favorite. I was actually like, 'I need that!' It's short and cute and flirty. And I could really punk it out."

Runway look by BCBG

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Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum, Catherine Malandrino
Maria Valentino/MCV; Jennifer Graylock/JPI

"There was a lovely teal-colored long dress that was feminine and wearable and not just for the red carpet. I would wear it out on a Saturday-night date!"

Runway look by Catherine Malandrino

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Molly Sims

Molly Sims, Max Azria
Maria Valentino/MCV; Jennifer Graylock/JPI

"I loved the slip dresses. They looked like lingerie but with cardigans and a belt. It's a great, elegant nighttime style that reminds me of Dynasty."

Runway look by Max Azria

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Mya, Rag & Bone
Maria Valentino/MCV; Jennifer Graylock/JPI

"My favorite was a cream-and-blue nautical blazer and shorts with white trim and matching buttons. It was conservative but still sexy enough for a vacation."

Runway look by Rag & Bone

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