22 Flirty and Non-Frumpy Spring Dresses That Will Work on Big Boobs

Time for a wardrobe refresh.

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Big Bust Spring Dresses
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Spring is officially here, and unofficially here on certain days when the weather is only shacket-appropriate. Either way, there is an actual light at the end of the tunnel of cold months, and I am personally itching to swap out my thick, black clothes for lighter fabrics in bright hues that celebrate the season of rebirth.

Finding an airy spring dress, like all shopping when you are plus-sized or have a large chest, is not easy. It seems that many brands assume women with cup sizes larger than a C or clothing sizes larger than a 12 want nothing other than tents and muumuus — clothing that just hangs there and does absolutely nothing. Contemporary trends don't seem to be taken into consideration, and the general vibe is that you're lucky the brands remember to make something for you at all.

But there has been progress, even if there could definitely be more. Some brands have expanded their sizing, while more size-inclusive labels have also been cropping up to fill in the gap in the market. So, for those with large busts, there are options for spring dresses that feel light, airy, and delicate, but they're not always easy to find. A spring dress for someone like myself, with a 38DD cup size, still takes quite a bit of searching.

But after (I kid you not) nearly two hours of looking through the websites of my favorite brands, checking their size guides, and perusing the listings for non-frumpy spring dresses, I have curated a list of 22 dresses that will work on the big-chested.

In line with the essence of the season, these dresses are mostly florals (yes, I know — "florals for spring? groundbreaking,") and consist of lighter, brighter colors, although I have kept a few black options around for those who don't veer from the shade regardless of the season. I've categorized my finds, below, based on the sleeve length because I personally find this to be one of the utmost decisive factors when it comes to purchasing a dress.

My main priority when curating this list was asking myself Does it seem like there is room for, and does the design seem suited for my large 38DD boobs? For a dress to have a spot on this list, the answer to both of the previously posed questions had to be yes, but I've also included some that I know from personal experience cater to the big-bosomed. And the print and cut of each had to give off a seasonal spring vibe, of course. Keep scrolling to browse all 22 of my favorite spring dresses for big boobs.

Sleeveless Spring Dresses

Short-Sleeve Spring Dresses

Long-Sleeve Spring Dresses

One-Shoulder and Off-Shoulder Spring Dresses

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