They look so good, they’ll make you forget all your other denim.

By Laura Reilly
Updated Jun 18, 2019 @ 2:45 pm
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When Sofia Vergara first launched her line of affordable denim at Walmart, we knew the collection was a sell-out risk. The celeb tie-in for one, and the eyebrow-raisingly low price point for two — but it was the extremely wearable, hyper-flattering styles themselves that had us predicting viral success.

Naturally, tons of jeans got snatched up immediately upon launch, and many became unavailable for long periods, racking up waitlists into the thousands. Of all the denim cuts, though, none were as popular and difficult to keep in stock as the Rosa jean. Even Sofia’s eponymous style (the one she says “makes [her] butt look great”) didn’t catch as much heat as the fan favorite, fringe-hemmed Rosa.

After months of being out of stock, the Rosa is finally back on virtual shelves at in both white and light wash denim. But as you can imagine, the jeans are already starting to sell out — and fast. At time of writing, the light wash denim Rosas are already sold out in four sizes, and there’s no telling how much longer until the white version starts trickling out of stock as well.

Not only is the cute, flirty-distressed hem a detail worth wearing all season, the cotton-elastane fabric blend is so flattering, you’ll forget all about your other jeans.

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