By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Sep 14, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
Credit: sneakyvaunt/instagram

Every time an influencer posts a Boomerang video demonstrating a pull-string strapless bra, an angel gets its wings—or at the very least, said influencer gets a check and no longer has to worry about straps peeking out of their shirt.

You've seen these bras all over your Instagram feed. You've probably double-tapped a post or two. Maybe you've even considered buying one. Stick-on bras with the adjustable strings seem to be more popular on Instagram than cream contour Hyperlapses, and are equally as mesmerizing. I'll admit, I've watched Amber Rose's video showing how to use the bra no less than 12 times, and the topic of what my friends have dubbed "the Amber Rose push-up bra" gets regular attention in our group chat. The bra is equipped with adhesive cups, which can be altered via a pull-string in the middle to maximize cleave. I'm not what you would call well-endowed, so you know, I need all the help I can get. There are a few different brands out there, but I was finally able to get my hands on a version by Sneaky Vaunt, as seen on the lovely @GiaSimone below.

Generally speaking, strapless bras are kind of a pain in the ass for me to deal with, which shouldn't be an issue since I'm a mere A-cup, if that. When I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding, I got so sick of pulling it up every two seconds, so after my second mojito, I eventually just removed it in the bathroom and stuck it in my clutch for the night. No one noticed, of course, but I felt a little weird sans-bra. With the Sneaky Vaunt, you don't have to worry about the bra falling down since it's actually stuck to your boob area, and since there isn't a strap, dresses with low-cut backs are a lot easier to wear.

To apply the Sneaky Vaunt, you'll want to make sure your boob area doesn't have any lotion or powder on it, as this could ruin the adhesive layer. Remove the protective plastic strips (but keep them around for storage later), and align your nipple with the very center area that is free of adhesive. This part is important—probably a lot of information, but mine was not aligned so well, which made the removal process kind of a pain. More on that later.

Work one cup at a time, and keep a close watch on whether or not they're even. The tie in the center should be loosened all the way so that when you pull it tight, you get the cleavage as advertised. Once you've removed the bra, hand-wash it warm, soapy water, then leave it to air-dry. Reapply the protective plastic strips after it dries, then store the bra away for next time.

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After a few applications and re-applications, my cups had aligned, and I was able to test out the pull-string function. Surprisingly, it worked pretty well, and mind you, I don't have a ton to work with in the first place. The cleave it created didn't look forced—a problem I frequently have with the push up bras that can double as floatation devices in the event of a plane crash. My boobs stood at attention, and honestly, there were points in the day I even forgot I had it on. The adhesive didn't wear off, though I ran into a slight problem when I tried to remove the bra. Because the adhesive section had made slight contact with my nipple, it freaking hurt when I tried to pull the bra off. I succeeded in getting one cup off, then started freaking out to the point that I was sweating, and subsequently got paranoid that the sweat was ruining the adhesive.

It wasn't. I decided to give myself the three-two-one countdown, and yank it off like a Band-Aid. This method worked, though I'm pretty sure my neighbor heard me scream after I had removed the second cup. Don't be like me. Do a better job of aligning the non-sticky portion with your nipple, and you'll do just fine. Rookie mistake aside, I'd definitely wear the bra again, and spend more time in the actual application process. So many of the dresses in my closet have sat dormant because of their weird cuts, or the fact that my strap would always peek out during the night. Best believe I'll be breaking them out with my Sneaky Vaunt in tow before the cold weather arrives.

Intrigued? Head over to and pick up the size of your choice for $49. The bra is available in both nude and black options, with sizes ranging from A to DD.