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If you’ve been keeping up with the Hadids, you might have noticed something: Bella’s been wearing the same pair of heels from Los Angeles to Paris. And, we totally get it! That’s just what happens when you find your ride-or-die shoe.

For Bella, that shoe happens to be Schutz’s ‘Quereda’ shoe, a heeled mule that’s already sold out from most sites across the internet (call it the Bella Hadid Effect). Lucky for you, however, we know one more place to look for it.

Bella Hadid - Favorite Shoe
Credit: Marc Piasecki/Getty

Hadid is no stranger to bold fashion. You can always expect the supermodel to show up in something totally unexpected, from a crystal-embroidered ‘naked’ gown to a cozy sweater and (yep) plaid boxers. Needless to say, Hadid knows fashion, so when she latched onto the ‘Quereda’ heel, we couldn’t help but to latch onto it, too—and we found out who the designer is, stat. (You're welcome.)

The ‘Quereda’ heel is still available if you score it directly from Schutz's site. Now, the only question is which style to scoop up. The shoe comes in two colorways— classic black and crisp white—so you can be as bold or subtle with your look as you’d like.

Bella Fave Shoes - embed 1
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And when it comes time to style the kicks, take a page from Hadid’s book and pair them with an edgy plaid ensemble or a charming mini dress.Get your hands on the ‘Quereda’ mule, retailing at $200, at schutz-shoes.com.