They literally will match everything in your closet.

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White sneakers are a must-have in every woman's closet. Instead of saving those trainers for the gym and running errands, more and more of us are whipping out their favorite pair for important moments — like a Sunday brunch with the family or a romantic date night.

White sneakers have also become the highlight of the best street style moments and have also made their way on to the red carpet. We've even seen fashion lovers sitting in the front row of runway shows, wearing a cool pair of all-whites.

It's a trend that our aching feet can definitely appreciate, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. But each year, there are certain styles that emerge as more popular than others. This year's biggest white sneaker trends can be summed up into three categories: velcro, platform, and high-tops. All are unique in their own way, but the one thing they have in common: They look great with everything you have in your closet. Seriously. Want to throw on a pair with a floral dress? Do it. How about a polished suit? Even better.

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Learn more about the popular white sneakers trends and shop some celebrity-approved styles below.


If you enjoy the extra height heels give you but don't want to deal with aching arches, platform sneakers are the way to go. There are several levels to this trend. You can play it safe and wear a flat platform design — like Naomi Watts's Armani trainers. Or you can go all influencer in a extremely tall, chunky variations — like those Balenciaga Triple S kicks stars like Bella Hadid and Elle Fanning can't get enough of.


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What's old is now new again. That's why you'll see several brands creating retro-inspired sneakers that will remind you of the late '90s and early '2000s. Emily Ratajkowski is just one of the many celebs into the throwback style. And she showed us showed us how versatile the sporty shoes are by pairing her Nike Monarchs ($55; with a mini dress and blazer.


White Sneakers - Embed
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I know. I know. These aren't the sexiest pair of sneakers around. But — like several fashion trends taking over — anything that looks somewhat quirky and slightly off is totally in right now. So that means these othopedic-looking kicks, with velcro straps, are having a major moment. Tracee Ellis Ross has been wearing her Acne Studio pair ($380; for quite sometime now, pairing them with baggy trousers. And most recently, we've seen a gang of celebs getting into the clunky look, from Hailey Bieber to Mary Kate Olsen. It doesn't hurt to test out this affordable version by New Balance.