Now Is the Time to Buy the Boots You've Been Thinking About for Years

There's a good reason to finally treat yourself to that dream pair.

Now’s the Time to Buy the Boots You’ve Been Thinking About for Years
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Easing back into social situations after virtually spending a year and half indoors might have you thinking that a closet revamp is in order (and, on a personal note, we feel same). But instead of adding to your summer collection, it's time to consider what you want your fall wardrobe to look like, since the cooler weather will be here before we know it.

Yes, it's a tad early to deck your halls with cozy decor and start scouring Bath & Body Works for pumpkin-scented candles (though, if that's what makes you happy, you do you), but piecing together your fall outfits can really begin now. As you start drafting next season's shopping list, you'll of course want to include a variety of classics (anything plaid) and trendy items (graphic tees and millennial-style mom jeans) in your cart. But you know that pair of boots you've had bookmarked on your browser forever? Well, we have it on good authority that those should be made a priority, too.

There's no time like the present to invest in a quality pair of boots.

We're not just saying that because you more than deserve to treat yourself after the wild ride we've had and continue to endure, either. According to Lucila Saldana, WGSN Strategist, Footwear and Accessories, the market is being steered in a new direction, and a "buy less, but better" mentality is in the driver's seat.

Now’s the Time to Buy the Boots You’ve Been Thinking About for Years
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Saldana tells InStyle that while consumers crave newness, the shift from "more" to "better" will be marked in 2021. It's an interesting paradox: Brands have had to shift their focus from biannual collections to daily product drops to keep up with today's consumers who, thanks in large part to social media, want more options more frequently. But "more" doesn't always mean "better," so in order to best weather this change, it's paramount for shoppers to learn and understand that better — better quality, better design, better functionality — does often coexist with value.

You've heard the age-old phrase "you get what you pay for," right? That's essentially the goal here: To buy less, but buy better quality to get more wear out of your wardrobe. But why the sudden shift in perspective? Saldana says it stems from a culmination of consumers realizing they need fewer items, a more sustainable mindset, and the post-pandemic recession.

"Designers are refocusing on considered essentials that have longevity, as products that can stand the test of time will be more important than ever," Saldana says. "As a result, we suggest returning to heritage items and up-speccing accessories designs to promote the endurance of single pieces over multiple buys."

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That's also where a better boots purchase comes in — think of them as an investment as opposed to a splurge. Rather than spending a small chunk on a new pair of boots every season, now's the time to invest in your dream pair that, while at a higher price point, are also higher quality and will last for years to come.

If you're still unsure how to determine whether or not the specific pair you've been eyeing is worth purchasing, Saldana offered a few tips to help you out.

The first is to make sure the design you're leaning towards is timeless and familiar but remastered for your modern lifestyle. Opt for core boots like utility boots, ankle booties, pairs that extend to or over the knee, and styles that are trans-seasonal with longterm appeal. Next, do your research. Find out what materials the boots are made of, prioritizing high-quality materials as well as comfortable styles.

Lastly, buy with resale potential in mind. "We're expecting this market to grow," Saldana tells InStyle. "Therefore, positioning your product as a commodity the customer can invest in and then trade is essential."

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