I've been wearing them since high school and I just can't quit.

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Growing up, my dad used to joke that I was a "creature of habit," and would tell me, almost daily, that "variety is the spice of life." In reality, he was simply tired of me eating the same cereal every day (like, we had other boxes — why not try Frosted Flakes?), but as I've gotten older, I've realized I'm pretty particular about more than just food. I have my go-to's when it comes to footwear, too, and once I find a versatile shoe, I can't help but reach for it over and over again.

Recently, I've started completing my outfits with platform Dr. Martens, and fully enjoy the leg-lengthening benefits of sleek white boots. But, the one shoe I would be completely lost without? $50 slip-on Vans. If I had to, I could easily style a white or checkered option with every single look, whether I'm wearing dresses or jeans. In fact, I've been doing just that for over a decade, since the day I bought my first pair of Vans in high school.

Part of me enjoys slip-on Vans because they're easy. I can literally slide my foot into the shoe, no socks or tying required, which comes in handy for quick dog walks or whenever I'm running late (which is always). These specific colorways are also neutral, so whether I'm wearing bright summer neons or dark winter shades, they always provide a bit of balance or blend in. But, perhaps the best thing about this sneaker? The price tag, and the number of well-dressed fans these babies have. For less than $100, you, too, can own something that fashion editors and celebrities like Kaia Gerber, Dakota Johnson, and Reese Witherspoon have worn (plus, fun fact: Milo Ventimiglia once complimented my checkered pair). They're still 'cool' and 'on-trend,' but you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get the look.

Some might argue that Vans, which are made of canvas, are more of a warm-weather shoe, but personally, I pair them with chunky socks and wear them year-round (right now, I'm getting a lot of use out of my $55 white platform pair). Winter, spring, summer, or fall, I'd still choose them over a designer something in a heartbeat. They're casual yet sleek, and simple yet statement-making, all at the same time.

Plus, you don't have to worry about getting your Vans dirty, either. Aside from being able to easily throw them in the wash, I've also discovered a hack for keeping white sneakers bright and like-new, which has solidified their spot as my favorite shoe.