Kendall Jenner's Go-To Loafer Is Already the Top Contender for My Favorite Fall Shoe

The comfortable, durable loafer deserves all the hype.

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Kendall Jenners Go-To Loafers are Already Making the Case for Being my Go-To Fall Shoe
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Although I am prone to hyperboles, I'm not exaggerating when I say that I have spent the majority of my life in Dr. Martens. My obession started in elementary school, where my school uniform required black dress shoes. Flat-footed and prone to quickly obliterating any and all footwear, the reliable combat boots became the only shoes that were comfortable and durable enough to withstand my everyday wear.

I am now in my late 20s, and the majority of my shoes — loafers, Mary Janes, lace-ups, boots — are still Dr. Martens. And while I don't see that changing any time soon, there's a new pair on my shoe rack that's a top contender for my go-to fall shoe: the Vagabond's Cosmo 2.0 Tassel Loafer.

I'd been eyeing Vagabond shoes for a while, especially after noticing them on literally every celebrity: Emma Chamberlain, Katie Holmes, Gigi Hadid, and more have been spotted out in the brand's trendy-yet-practical footwear. But the shoes that really caught my eye were the chunky Cosmo 2.0 Loafers that Kendall Jenner is frequently seen in.

When I finally got a pair, I decided on the Tassel version of the Cosmo Loafer in a size eight (the shoe doesn't come in half sizes). I kid you not, I have been wearing them almost every day since.

Vagabond Shoemakers Cosmo 2.0 Platform Tassel Loafer

Shop now: $200;

The first few wears were a little uncomfortable and gave me some minor blisters, but once I fully wore them in, I haven't felt a single pain point since.

First and most obviously, I like how the Cosmo 2.0 Tassel Loafers look. The lip is longer than you find on many women's loafers and because of the chunky sole, they don't feel matronly. But beyond the aesthetics, the thickness of the shoe is great for someone like me who is notoriously harsh on their shoes.

They support my heavy gait, and have withstood all types of New York City horrors: being stepped on, being subjected to the mystery grime of the subway, getting stuck in random flash floods, etc. Their structure has also remained firm and upright, and they are so comfortable I have worn them for 16-hour days without complaint.

Frequently, the shoes and outfits worn by celebrities are great aspirationally, but impractical realistically. Vagabond is an exception to this. I'm thrilled to find another comfortable, everyday shoe that I can rely on as the seasons transition. Head to Nordstrom to find the celebrity and editor-approved Cosmo 2.0 Tassel Loafer in your size.

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