Ugg Boots Restock at Nordstrom

There Was an Ugg Shortage but Don't Worry, Nordstrom Just Did a Major Restock

Ugg season forever.
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Twenty-twenty ended with another shortage that was not as widely felt as the great toilet paper shortage of the early pandemic days. By the end of 2020, everyone's favorite pandemic shoe to love to hate, Ugg boots, were everywhere and then nowhere. Maybe it was the major Black Friday deals that wiped them off the digital shelves of retailers everywhere. Maybe it was the endless Ugg boot celebrity sightings. Or maybe, just maybe, it was the fact that no other boot has risen to the occasion like an Ugg boot has in these unprecedented times. 

Classic II Genuine Shearling Lined Short Boot UGG®
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Whether you've come to accept it or not, Ugg season is year-round during lockdown and quarantine. No other boot promises the comfort or ease of an Ugg boot. And for better or worse, no shoe other than an Ugg boot would unequivocally make any and every look a statement. Everyone has an opinion on an Ugg boot and these days the universal opinion is clear: Buy an Ugg boot now or regret it later.  

Ugg boots have come in and out of stock for months, and thankfully Nordstrom has decided to restock so many best-selling pairs that are impossible to find elsewhere right now. This just might be the only good thing about 2021 so far. And even if the bar is on the floor, we'd say this is still worth getting excited about, especially because a couple of pairs are even on sale, like the popular Mini Fluff bootie, which is now under $100, or the classic wedge boot Jennifer Lopez has been seen wearing for $120.

The only thing that's certain in these uncertain times is that Ugg boots will continue to sell out time and time again. So it's probably worth scooping up a classic like the Mini Boot or the Button II Boot while they're still avialable. If we're being honest, it's not like we have much else to do anyway. And Ugg boots are the unofficial official boot of doing nothing in. They make it easy. And that can barely be said about anything else right now, which is just another reason to stan Ugg boots until the end of time (which may or may not just be 2021, so, act fast). 

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