The online chatter is only just beginning.

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The Comfy Sandals With 10,000 5-Star Reviews Have an Understandably Passionate Fandom
Credit: Instagram/@Teva

It’s rare that separate corners of the internet can agree on a thing, or even be aware of what’s happening in another realm’s backyard. Conversations happening on Twitter exist in an entirely different universe than comment threads on Instagram, and the Slacks you’re sending at work cover different ground altogether from the top content on TikTok. So when we find the circles overlapping around a particular theme, our ears perk up.

Such is the case with a particular pair of comfy sandals, which is firing up reviewers, social media users, and bloggers in so many pockets of the web. Spoiler: It’s Teva’s Tirra Sandals.

On Amazon, the sandals have nearly 10,000 reviews with a 4.6 average star rating. On REI, they have over 1,150 reviews at a 4.75-star rating. At Zappos, 1,390 customers gave them five stars. The notoriously less-vocal, yet highly discerning shoppers on Nordstrom awarded the shoes 4.5 stars out of 50 reviews.

But it’s not just active shoppers who are taking the time to gush about the sandals. The tweets are coming for them, too. “My new @Teva Tirra sandals just arrived... Oh my gosh. I’ve never had such supported feet,” writes one Twitter user. “Have I *finally* found a travel shoe my feet can cope with! 😀♥”

“@Teva Love your multi strap Tirra sandals,” writes another. “I love[d] them before but after foot surgery they were the only shoes I could wear while my feet were swollen. Thanks for all the strap options!”

In response to a call for the “most comfortable dress shoes for teaching,” one response definitively answered, “@Teva tirra sandals all spring/summer and @drmartens 1460s and 8065 all fall/winter.”

In yet another corner, on Instagram, Teva’s tagged photos tab is riddled with people wearing the Tirras in every scenario imaginable, from engagement announcement-style photos to vacation pics to chic weekend-at-home selfies. Many of the brand’s styles have also made their way into fashion week outfits, influencer ‘grams, and even some extremely cute illustrations.

Experts have taken notice, too. Travel + Leisure, for one, included the sandals in its roundup of most comfortable sandals, and other publications have called them out for being the “best active sandals” and “perfect for wide feet.”

The Teva Tirras are rolling through online networks undetected like a powerful, comfy fog, and they’re poised to make their IRL debut on feet near you anytime now, if they haven’t already. And if the cross-platform chatter wasn’t proof enough, perhaps the sandals’ own specs will help make their case as the season’s improbable It shoe.

With its roots in performance shoes, Teva designed the Tirras to withstand so many conditions while being as supportive and comfortable as possible. With neoprene foam and anti-microbial Microban® Zinc materials, the sandals were made with female athletes in mind. But it’s the shoes’ thin straps and exciting color options that have helped catapult them onto the radar of the general public, who’ve adopted these adjustable spring shoes for everyday wear.

So while there’s plenty to disagree about on the internet, your feet are basically guaranteed to agree that these comfortable sandals are worth talking about.

Teva Women's Tirra Sandal
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