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When I was in middle school, I wanted a pair of platform heeled loafers like it was my job. And yes, those existed. They were sold at Steve Madden and every cool girl had them. I clearly was not in that group.

As I’ve grown up and entered the grand world of fashion, I’ve wanted many shoes — some which have been popular amongst the cool girls, and other which have left onlookers scratching their heads thinking, “Ostrich feathers? On sandals?”

I thought I’d seen all my favorite shoes, until designer Sander Laks’ models walked down the Fall/Winter runways last season in what could best be described as those shoes I wanted in middle school, at age 30. So basically, me in a shoe.

Yes, Sies Marjan is introducing the first official footwear collection to their line which play off all the things we love about the brand: strong color, interesting texture, and unique design. The ten styles, all handcrafted in Italy, come in five fabrications and ten color ways, ranging from bubble gum pink to the most delightful savory green. While definitely a more grown-up version of my middle school dream shoe, still makes me nostalgic and ready to grab my credit card.

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"The heel of the shoe has been a shape we have had since our first collection,” Lak tells "It's kind of a hybrid between something that comes out of Barry Lyndon and the Spice Girls. Something that feels historic and slightly nostalgic, but completely of today. With that base, we have a very good starting point to play with elements. This season we looked at J-Lo's “Jenny From The Block” video where she had these high-heeled Timberlands on, that I love, so we made our own version.”

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Barry Lyndon meets Spice Girls? SIGN ME UP. Lak told Instyle that the Sies Marjan footwear-er is the woman who "had all these plans to have this amazing night out with friends, but decided last-minute to stay home and watch a Real Housewives of New York marathon…but she keeps the heels on because it makes her feel that she is doing something special.”

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Thanks for making me my dream shoe Mr. Lak.

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