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I have an eBay shoe habit. As far as vices go, this one is pretty innocuous, but it’s a habit nonetheless. Weekly, sometimes more, I slyly put in an offer for a pair of clear, rhinestone ‘90s sandals or submit a modest bid for a pair of patchwork, suede ankle boots, and then have the audacity to wonder who sent me the package that lands on my stoop in a few days. (You did that yourself, girl.)

The problem with having an eBay shoe habit (other than storage) is that there’s no guarantee of durability, longevity, or condition — the chance that those secondhand marabou heels are going to last you even a week is yours to take.

I’ve had shoes snap off at the straps on both feet when I was several neighborhoods and train lines away from home, and had the soles peel off so that the backs of my shoes looked like they were trying to hold up a conversation with the people walking behind me. This happened so often that I just settled and let it become an embarrassing part of my personality, alongside my nail biting, and the fact that I watched the entirety of the show Blue Mountain State. Until I discovered Shoe Goo, that is, which I found on Amazon for $8.

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To the uninitiated, Shoe Goo is basically glue for your shoes, but more fun to say. It re-affixes the rogue bits of your footwear with witchcraft-like strength and startling immediacy. It probably has something to do with polymers, but that matters less to me than the fact it actually works.

Shoe Goo and I didn’t have a meet cute (it was always just a Google search away) but I like to think we bring out the best in each other. I’ve become someone who takes action at the first signs of a compromised shoe, and Shoe Goo sits inanimately on my shelf — unwavering, unjudging.

Of the things in my life I wish I had gotten around to earlier (getting clothes professionally altered, consolidating my retirement fund) this was by far the highest benefit-least effort upgrade. I didn’t have to quit my thrifted shoe habit, I just wear it a lot more gracefully now.

Shoe Goo
$8; amazon.com