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It’s no secret that we here at InStyle love a nostalgia moment. Last week, when Steve Madden announced it was re-releasing the cult-favorite Slinky Platform Slide, we were beside ourselves. And when we heard that superstylist Elizabeth Saltzman was collaborating with Rocket Dog, we just about fell over in our chairs.

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I had a very personal relationship to Rocket Dogs, which were, undoubtedly, the coolest shoe a girl could own when I was in middle school. Did I own them? Nope. Sadly, my parental units did not understand why an irresponsible 11-year-old should be running around in ridiculously high platform sandals that cost more than $5. Rude. So when I say that one of my favorite stylists designing a grown-up version of that shoe now, when I have the right to self-purchase, is a dream come true, it’s no exaggeration.

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Here, Saltzman (who styles Gwyneth Paltrow and Deepika Padukone, amongst others) answers some pressing questions about the insanely awesome collaboration ES x RD.

Tell us how this partnership came to be?

It’s a genuine partnership precipitated by my love of the brand. I’ve been purchasing their shoes for years. A while ago I visited Rocket Dog in London, told them what we liked about certain styles, and asked if they’d make special styles for us, and then boom—the ball began rolling! We’re not trying to reimagine Rocket Dog, but just elevate it a tiny bit.

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Do you remember wearing Rocket Dogs back in the day?

In the late ’90s I remember them coming out and thinking, “What’s this?!” I immediately bought that first pair, and a couple of months later, I started to search for a second, third, and fourth. As much as I like looking forward, I also love a bit of nostalgia. It’s fun to revisit the ’90s.

How did you style them then versus now?

Back then I didn’t style with them at all! It was just something all the cool girls wore in L.A. All my friends’ daughters had them, and they all looked so cute. Now my friends and their daughters want them!

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So, what are the best ways to wear your Rocket Dogs?

I think they can work in so many different environments, whether you’re on vacation, having a long day at work, attending an art fair, or going to a party. The shoes are whimsical. I wear them when I need some height, especially at night or on long workdays when I know I will be on my feet. I have never had sore feet even after 18-hour workdays with them. So, no, these aren’t for the red carpet. Rather, they’re shoes for the after-party.

Can I wear them on a date?

I am not sure they’re date-night shoes for the faint of heart, but if you’re cool and confident, they truly can be anytime shoes.

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