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Pierre Hardy is one of my favorite shoe designers, both for his eponymous line and for the collection he designs for Hermès. So when I was invited to interview him (!) in Paris (!) … well, you can only imagine.

Getting time with Hardy during Paris Fashion Week felt special, especially since I met him in a chic showroom filled to the brim with his chaussures. Here, I speak to Hardy about shoe trends and the woman he designs for when creating pieces for Hermès. She actually, you know, does stuff all day.

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I may be your biggest fan.
Oh, why thank you!

This collection may be one of my favorites because it seems to be an entire wardrobe of shoes. Something for any event day or night a woman may need to attend.
It is something real. That is the whole purpose of fashion, to make the real, not dreamy, but the real fun, more playful, more pleasant and different. To make the average situation more exceptional and to turn it into a new experience.

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Based on the collection, it seems the Hermès woman finds herself in many different situations throughout the day.
Yes, exactly! She runs, she does sports. She’s not just a pretty doll in wrapped in a box. I think that’s why the sneakers in this collection are very consistent for the brand. It’s genius. Let' try to make it as luxurious as possible with the best leather, beautiful materials.

I love the idea of a fashionable sneaker, especially because I never go to the gym.
I think it’s a great opportunity for creation because it’s another playground for creativity. You can use different materials, different colors. Fashion is about making the regular way of life better. So let’s go and let's have fun. It is sophisticated but in an active way. I think the sneakers [are] totally consistent for the house.

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Not so random question: You were a dancer, yes?
I was.

I have very bad feet now from when I danced. I’m always interested to see what other dancers think about shoes and how they’re made.
When I was a dancer I never thought about it. I didn’t care that much. But what remained from this moment of my life? The knowledge of my own body and the knowledge of how to use it. And the knowledge of how to walk just simply. And how to behave—hold myself. Shoes are the really the start of everything. You walk on your feet, you stand on your feet—it builds on your silhouette and your body language in a way.

So what’s the best dancing shoe in the collection?
For modern life? It could be the sneaker.

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