The secret sale is offering up to 50% off the designer sneakers.

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Off-White Sale
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Virgil Abloh has described his Off-White sneakers as the modern-day version of the sculpture of David and even compared them to the Mona Lisa painting. I'm not sure what art critics would make of the comparison, but people do camp out in front of stores to get their hands on Off-White collaborations.

In addition to forgoing a comfortable night's sleep in their bed, sneaker fans are willing to pay top-price for those coveted sneakers. Typically a pair of Off-White shoes costs north of $400 (and that's on the low side). The Off-White Air Force 1 sneakers are being resold for more than $1,800. I don't know about you, but I'm not quite ready to sacrifice my rent payment for a pair of shoes. And right now, you don't have to because I found a secret shopping event that includes Off-White sneakers on sale.

The website is called Gilt. It's a membership only shopping site, so you'll need to sign up with your email to browse through the products. But don't worry. It's free to join, so you can spend your money on the designer goods — like the Off-White BK Low 3.0 sneakers, which are usually $645, but are only $380 right now.

Gilt is only giving readers access to this sale, which also includes Balenciaga merch. So there's a little less shopping competition. The designer sale will completely come to an end on August 27, and that's only if everything doesn't sell out before then.

Off-White Industrial High Top Leather Sneaker
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Off-White BK Low 3.0 Leather Sneaker
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Off-White Off-Court Leather & Suede Sneaker
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